Description 1860s Surveying Notebook of Ebenezer McLeod, West River

The notebook was primarily used as a surveying book in the 1860s and 1870s by Ebenezer McLeod of the West River, son of Hector passenger Donald McLeod. The transcription of the pages of book (organized by each of the PDF pages) are below.


Page 1:


Page 2:

Although this page was largely used for scribbled notes, it does include the names of Robert R. McLeod and what looks to be Hannah McDonald.

Page 3:

“Ebenezer McLeod
West River P.O.”

Page 4:

Survey notes for land owned by James Gow, James Fraser, and John [Cornsibe? ]

Page 5:

Survey notes for Edward McLean and Simon Fraser lands.

Page 6:

Note about James Currie Junior

Page 7:

In the middle of survey notes: “which we had formerly been running on was to small, a variation 29 roads to the old Middle River road, thence 262 Rods to Thomas Horne’s Esq. north line 84 ¾ rods to the west of what the plans in our possession show that the baze line should be there was nothing observable on this line only the blazes did not show more than 44 groths and it could not be traced ever as far as standing wood was thence east 84 ¾ to a fallen hemlock said by Thomas Horn to be his S.W. corner. Mr. Horn showed in a place where he once called his S.W. corner 40rods to the West of this hemlock, which he now claims thence from the hemlock corner last mentioned N 28°E 230 Rods to a stake and stones on William Watters line, said by Watters and William Crocket to be Smith’s Corner always said to be the starting point of the baze line between the lands of the”

Page 8:

“East and Middle Rivers
14th February 1867 Began at a birch tree said to be D. McGregor’s corner thence N28°E to a fallen fir tree marked A.M. 288 rods thence 12 rods to a fallen fir tree marked for a corner thence 98 rods to a tree marked A.M. thence to the old East River road 123 Rods thence to Gairloch road 136 Rods thence 262 rods to Thomas Horn’s line at or near the place where Mr. Horn said his S.W. Corner once was. It was observable on this line that all the lines running from both rivers appeared to terminate on it none of them crossing it.

28th march 1867 Began at the North west angle of what was Joseph Crocket’s land thence S45°E 464 rods to Gairloch road some course 70 roads to David Munroe’s north east corner, thence same course to the spruce stump marked for a corner, on the west line or Moose line so called 238 rods making in all 772 rods from the River which is 31 Rods short of what W. Ross laid off for W. Crockett and Munroe on the 19th July 1842 for which [says?] W. Ross’s plan in possession of W. Crockett.

Same day Began at the northeast corner of what was formerly Donald Ross’s land at the shore of the Middle River thence S64°E 550 rods which if what is called this Moose line had ever been continued this far wold have crossed 22 rods and came within 22 roads  11 links of the east baze line.

20th February 1867 Result of measurement and examination of lines in dispute between William Smith and James Reid. By E. McL and Alexander Fraser Esq. Began at the shore of the West River two rods to the S.W. of a small stream of water emptying into said River, thence S.40°6 139 rods to where a line made by James Reid cropped our course thence continued on the same course 39 rods to a stake and heap of stones which Smith”

Page 9:

 calls his corner or rather his rear line [above in brackets it says (on this line blazed 34 years)] thence S 50°W 92 Rods to where the S.W. corner of her middle lot should be by neat measurement thence north 40°W 168 rods to the River thence the various courses of the River, down stream to the place of beginning on this rear line blazers were [formed?] 36 years old.

            Commence on Smith’s easterly line being the line between Smith and John Stewart at a hemlock tree said to be the N. W. corner of Reid’s land thence S16°E 63 Rods to a stake called by Reid the rear of Smith’s land thence same course 106 Rods to a stake and stones being what Smith calls the S.E. corner of his land thence S 50°W 35 Rods to the S.E. corner of the Middle lot on the line crossing Smith’s line which Reid claims these were blazes 18 groths from John Creichton’s corner to James McDonald’s corner, 25 rods from John Creichton’s corner to William Smith’s line 133 rods thence to the S.E. corner of Smith’s Middle lot 22 rods.”

Survey map includes names of John Stewart, James Reid, William Smith, David Smith, David McDonald, James McDonald, John Creichton, Anthony McLean, and John Graham. Features the Philadelphia Line and the West River.

Page 10:

“8th April 1867 Result of examination of lines in dispute between David McKenzie and Alexander Munroe [Roger’s] Hill by George Hattie, William McKay, and E. McLeod. Began at the S.W. corner of David McKenzie lot thence S 85°E 2 rods 59 links thence N5°.15’E 82.50ch, N85°W 13.50ch thence S5°.15’W 31 h inks thence S85°E 7.9ch thence S5°.15’W 51.50ch to the place of beginning. Commenced at Alexander Munroe’s S.W. corner thence S.85°E 74 rods 14 links to a large hemlock tree called a corner but which did not give Munroe his breadth by 5 rods and 11 links. Thence N5°75’E parallel with David McKenzie line about forty four rods thence an offset East of 5 rods and 5 links to a dike acknowledged to be Munroe’s east line which gave him his breadth less 5 links thence S 5°15’E 286 rods, thence N85°W 80 Rods which crossed McKenzie line 2 rods and 17 links which Munro was willing to give up to McKenzie but McKenzie refused to take it unless he would [one and a half rods move?] to an old ash [steemse?] which he contended was the original corner but here was nothing to be seen to verify it to have been a corner. I consider Alexander Munroe’s east line to be a very inaccurate line but his offer to McKenzie to be generous. E. McLeod

The survey map contains the names of Alexander Munroe and David McKenzie.

Page 11:

“1 May 1867 Surveyed for Robert Heughan. Beginning at the north west angle of the late James Proudfoot farm lot at a small Brook to run from thence by magnet N39°W 158 Rods to the south west corner of the lands of one William McKay thence N59°E along said McKay’s south boundary line 84 Rods more or less to Angus Davise’s west boundary line thence S39°E along said Davise’s line and William McDonald’s. 188 rods including the post road thence S55°West 8 rods to the Brook aforesaid thence the various courses o the Brook up stream to the plan of beginning contain 89 acres.”

The survey map contains Robert Heughan’s property as well as the aforesaid brook and the road from Truro to Pictou.

Page 12:

“2nd May 1867. Surveyed for John McKenzie. Beginning at the northwest angle of John Horn’s land running thence S64°E 424 rods or until it comes to a lot of land owned by the Albion Mining Association, thence S25°West 140 Rods thence N45°West along Donald McLean’s east boundary line 396 Rods until it comes to the bank of the Middle River thence along the bank easterly to the place of beginning to contain 200 acres.

Also 12 one acre lots. Beginning at the south west angle of the above described lot and running N.65°W 16 rods thence N65°E 10 than 2 rods for a road or street and as will [appe?] by the plan on the next page.”

The survey map includes the small lots on the corner of John McKenzie’s land in Durham.

Page 13:

“5 May 1867 Survey N°I for Hugh McKay, Gairloch. Beginning at the southwest corner of Hugh McKay’s farm lot and to run thence Eas 79 rods thence North 157 rods thence West 83 rods thence south 157 rods. 99 acres 83 rods                                                                                  


Beginning at the north east corner of N°1 thence N33 Rods thence East 89 rods thence N12 thence west 106 rods thence south 45 rods thence east 75 rods to the place of beginning.


Beginning at the south west corner of N1 and to run thence East 94 rods thence North 185 rods thence thence west 94 rods thence south 185 rods to the place of beginning to contain 108 acres.


Beginning at the south west corner of N3 thence east 134 rods north 185 rods thence west 41 rods thence north 24 rods thence west 57 rods thence south 185 rods to the place of beginning all the above courses are as seen in the grant but I find a variation now of 5°.”

Survey map includes the variations.

Page 14:

Rough outline of a survey map.

Page 15:

Survey Map that appears to be another version of the one on page 13 of Hugh McKay’s land, made 5th May 1867 with the 5° variation. Includes names of Roderick McKenzie and John McKenzie who owned adjacent lands.

Page 16:

“10th May 1867

Surveyed for William Sutherland Six Mile Brook.

Beginning on the line between William Sutherland and John Barry at the top of the east bank o William Sutherland’s interval thence east six rods to the north east corner of the said William Sutherland’s land thence south along John Barry’s line 116 rods to the S.W. corner of John Barry’s land thence east one hundred and five rods 105 rods thence S 74 rods thence west 118 rods to the Six Mile Brook road thence northerly along said road 82 rods thence S85°W 11 rods to the top of the bank of the interval thence the various courses of the top of said bank northerly to the place beginning to contain 56 acres more or less then above courses are what is in the grant but I find a variation at this date of 4°.”

Survey map includes names of John Barry, William Simpson, Alexander McLeod, E. McLeod, D. McLeod, and William Sutherland, as well as the Six Mile Brook.”

Page 17:

“28 June 1867 Surveyed for John Brown. Beginning at a stake and stones on the line dividing between the lands of Donald Gunn and said John Brown, 94 rods north from the shore of the Eight Mile Brook and to run thence north 192 rods to John McLean’s land thence east 50 rods to William Roberson’s north west corner thence south along said Robertson’s line 192 rods thence west 50 rods to the place of beginning laid off for 60 acres to E.B.”

The survey map below contains the names of Donald Gunn, Ebenezer Brown, John Brown, William Robertson, and Alexander Robertson, as well as the Eight Mile Brook.


“July 19th 1967 [Minutes?] of road from William Munroe’s Road to Pleasant Valley Road. Beginning at Pleasant Valley Road to run 30 rods to the south of the school house and to run thence N 83°W 60 rods thence S 83°W 20 rods thence N 70°W 52 rods N 83 W 36 rods N 8-° W 30 rods N 86° W 50 rods the above on Peter McKenzie’s land, thence on Alexander McKenzie land N 62°W 3 rod thence S 85°W 14 rods thence on John Ross’ land N 86°W 15 rods S 80°W 66 rods to the road leading Mile Brook to Green Hill.

20th July 1867 Road from Paul Fraser to new road at James Hydes.

Beginning at the Gairloch road on Paul Fraser land, thence N 23°W 33 rods to the west bank of Mile Brook thence N 87°E 28 rods thence on William McDonald’s land N 20°W 11 rods thence North 44 rods thence on Daniel McDonald’s land N 10°W 58 rods thence on John Matheson’s land, North 54 rods thence on the line between J. Matheson and Daniel McDonald N 26 rods thence on John Matheson N48°E 48 rods thence on John Sutherland N23° and 32°, 27° and 35° the mean of which is 32° East 110 rods to D. McKay Road thence”

Page 18:

N38°E 20 Rods to road from West River to Mile Brook thence N 54°E 44 rods thence on Robert McKay’s land N 41°E 40 rods thence N 75°E 32 rods thence on James Hyde’s land N75°E 52 rods thence S 77°E 33 rods to the new road.

  1. Road from Robert Grant to Six Mile Brook road. Beginning at 6 Mile Brook road thence S52°W 8 rods thence S 16°W 8 rods to Robert Grant land.
  2. 25 July 1867 Road from Dalhousie Mountain Road to Six Mile Brook road. Beginning at the road leading from Dalhousie Mt. to Murdock Munroe’s and on the line between John Ross and Heirs of Jonathan Stewart thence South along said line 95 rods thence same course between Jonathan Ross and Murdock Sutherland 18 rods the road [is hear/where?] to be all on John Ross side of the line thence on Jonathan Ross S45°W 22 rods thence S28°W 28 rods thence S 45°W 10 rods thence S26°W 12 rods thence west 22 rods thence S45°W 26 rods thence on the land of Widow Gordon S45°W 17 rods thence S10°W 10 rods thence on Murdock Sutherland S6°W 41 rods along the bank of the 6 Mile Brook to the end of Brook Bridge.


  1. 17 July 1867 Road from James McDonald to West River Road. Beginning on the lines between John McDonald and Andrew Benvie 16 rods N 45°E from A.B. S. West corner thence N10W 22 rods thence N12 rods thence N17°W 40 rods thence N15°E 12 rods thence N10°W 16 rods thence N47°W 16 rods N5°W 26 rods to James Robertson’s line thence thence along the line N42°W 110 Rods all the road to be on Andrew Benvie J. McDonald 85°E.

6th December 1867 surveyed John McKenzie West River course of line between J. McKenzie and Albion Mines N26°E course of line between John McKenzie and Donald McLeod N°57°W laid off 12 half acre lots beginning at J. McKenzie’s west corner thence N57°W 12 feet forward thence 10 Rods for first lot 10 rods for 2nd lot thence 20 feet for a road thence  10 rods N°3 then beginning at before mentioned corner thence N 26°E 50 feet for a road thence 8 Rods each for 4 lots ½ acre each.”


Page 19:

1868 January 3rd Surveyed for John Brown. Beginning at the south corner of Robert Morrison’s land thence by magnet N38 ½ °W 168 ½ rods thence N38 ½ °E 19 rods thence N38 ½ °W 134 rods thence S 78°W 16 rods thence S30°W down the 8 Mile Brook 46 rods to Alexander Brown’s north corner thence S 38 ½ °E 236 Rods to the post road thence North easterly to the place of beginning.

January Surveyed for Archibald McLean. Beginning on the line between McLean and Kenneth Davison at the road thence with a variation in the course of 2 ½ ° from what the course is called in the Grant 200 rods to a tree marked for a corner thence with a variation of 7° 142 Rods thence at a right angle across the rear 120 rods. The reason why the rear lot was run within a different variation was that I tried the line on the east side of the lot and found the variation 7° and then run the west line of the back lot before trying the west line of the front lot.

11th March 1868 Surveyed for William Gunn. Beginning at the road leading from the Six Mile Brook to Murdock McKay’s thence by the magnet N5°E 38 ½ rods to John Gordon’s land thence thence S85°E 74 rods thence westerly the various courses of the road aforesaid to the place of Beginning.”

Survey map includes the names of John Gordon, Murdock McKay, Donald McBeath, Hugh McLeod, William Gunn Junior (and a piece of land brought from George Gunn), and D. Richard.


Page 20:

“17th March 1868 Surveyed for John Creichton. Beginning at the channel of a small brook and on the line between John Creichton and Roderick Fraser, thence South 40°E by the magnet 47 ¾ rods thence N85°W 11 rods thence S 5°W 23 ½ rods thence N 65°E 59 rods N 40°W 20 rods N30°W 48 rods N42°W 10 rods S19°W 26 rods. S61°W 17 rods to contain 16 acres.”

Survey map includes names of Roderick Fraser, John Creichton, John J. McLean, R. McLean, James McDonald, and John [Taconder?].

“May 9th 1868 Surveyed for Stilman Seppencote. Beginning at a small white birch tree on the bank of the dam thence S24°W 13 rods thence S 51°E 2 rods to the road from the mill thence S52°W 5 rods thence S9°E 7 rods thence south westerly the various courses of the brook down stream one rod distant from the brook 102 rods to Roderick McKenzie’s line thence south to the brook one rod north easterly the various courses of the brook up stream to the water in the dam 123 rods thence north 41°W along the dam and bank to the place of beginning.”

Survey map includes Alexander Morrison and company’s property, as well as the Mill Pond and Eight Mile Brook.

Page 21:

“29th May 1868 result of examination of line in dispute between William Low and David Fraser the lines in dispute are at the Acadia Mines Middle River after hearing evidence on both sides we commenced at a spruce stump acknowledged by both parties to be the southwest corner of William Low’s and the south east corner of David Fraser’s lands said spruce stump standing on the north boundary line of Joseph S. Crocket’s land thence S 38 ½ °E along said Crocket’s line 74 rods to a spruce tree marked M.M. being the south east corner of W. Low’s land thence same course 65 Rods 15 links o a small beech tree being the acknowledged corner of W. Murray’s land working to abide by the old lines and knowing this to be the last defined line we traced it across to the [collage?] lot and found it to be N29°E 169 rods 10 link thence N48 ½ °W 62 rods for W. Murray’s lot some course 68 rods for W. Low thence to the spruce stump S27 ½ °W to be the line between Low and D. Fraser.

  1. McLeod
    George W. Lowden [Artister?]


7th July 1868 surveyed for Charles Robson a lot of land at Mount Thom. Beginning at  birch stump on the west boundary of Colin McKenzie’s road and the south west corner of Widow A. Cameron’s lot thence south 114 rods thence east 86 rods thence north 114 rods thence west 86 rods to the place of Beginning containing 61 acres 44 rods.

13th July 1868 Surveyed for Alexander McKenzie at New Lairig. Beginning at the south west angle of Donald Ross’s land thence S45°W 82 rods thence west 80 thence north 70 rods N45°E 216 rods thence south 182 rods to the place of beginning containing 129 acres variation.

15th July 1868 Minutes of road from [Creiragh?] road to West River road at Colin Fraser’s. Beginning at the Creiragh road and on the line between Alexander McDonald and James Fraser thence South 17 Rods thence on the line between James and John Fraser same course 6 rods thence on John McCulloch S58°W 54 Rods thence N 62W 22 rods thence S28°W 20 rods thence on James Fraser same course 20 rods thence S37°W 20 rods”

Page 22:

“thence S75°W 8 rods thence west 32 rods S85°W 4 rods thence on George Bailey’s land same course 22 rods thence S73°W 40 rods thence n Colin Fraser’s land S70°W and 84°W 20 rods S70°W 20 rods thence S 63°W and 45°W 20 rods S73° and 60°W 60 rods S50°W 32 rods thence on the line between Colin and David Fraser west 6 rods thence on Daniel Fraser S74°W 7 rods to West River Road.

November 1868 Surveyed for Alexander W. Archibald. Beginning at the south east corner of Donald Fraser land thence N 10°W 24 rods thence N56°W 12 rods thence N66°W 13 rods thence N48°W 27 rods thence S61°W54 rods to the old channel of the Brook thence S74°E 27 rods S55°W 6 rods to the brook then easterly along the west bank of the brook to the place of beginning 88 rods to the place of beginning.

November 1868 Surveyed for William Fraser. Beginning on the south side of the road leading up the West River and on Roderick McKenzie’s line thence along said line N4°W 142 rods to the Eight Mile Brook thence the various courses of the Brook up stream. Road to Murdock Fraser west corner thence S23° west along M. Fraser line 164 rods to the road aforesaid thence westerly along said road to the place of beginning.

22 January 1869 Survey for Alexander McRae, Toney River.”

Survey map includes Alexander McKay’s, Alexander McLeod’s, and a Gillis’ lands near the Big Toney River.

Page 23:

“26 February 1869 and 4th march 1870 Surveyed for James Robertson Westville.

Survey of 1869 set aside and that of 1870 represented by the dated lines adopted courses beginning at the [road?] on Crocket’s line thence S38°30’E 10.12 ½ links thence  N60°E N°1 4 rods N.2.2.7 N.3. 3 rods to the road on each lot N 38° 30’W thence along the road S60°W to the place of beginning.”

The survey map below the ink contains the names of Joseph S. Crocket, J. Robertson, William Low, and H. McKeand/McKeane, as well as the road from Westville to Middle River.

Page 24:

“Surveyed for Edward McLean Mt. Thom 18th April 1869”

Survey map include names of James McLean, William McLean William Gray, and a McGillivray.

“Surveyed for Alexander McKay Esq. 22 of April 1869”

Survey map includes name of James McLean, as well as the roads to Mile Brook Green Hill.

Page 25:

“Surveyed for A. Graham Upper Settlement West River, 28 April 1869.” Followed by a survey map.

“Surveyed for Malcom Sillars, 22 and 23 July 1869”

Map includes S. Sutherland, Malcolm Sillars, and J. Brown, as well as W. and A. R.

“Surveyed for Alexander William Archibald West River, 28th December 1869.”

Survey map includes names of Donald Fraser, Samuel Archibald, Donald McLeod, and Christopher Ives, as well as the Botney Bay Road, West River, Mile Brook, and Post Road.

“Surveyed for Anthony W. smith near 23 of February 1870.”

Map includes names of David Smith, Anthony McLean, and Sydney Smith, as well as the road to Green Hill, West River Road, and either the West River.

Page 26:

“December 23rd 1869

Surveyed for Alfred McDonald Middle River. Beginning at the S.E. corner of Alfred McDonald’s lot thence S36°W 11 rods to the Middle River thence the various as follows up steam. Viz, S4°W 16 rods, S2°W 12 rods, S78°W 12 rods, S83°W 9 rods, N69°W 4 rods, N66°W 7 rods, N26°W 2 rods, thence along the north side of the old channel of the said river, N35°E 14 rods N30°E 12 rods N70°E 8 rods, S 77°E 9 rods, thence to the place of Beginning 10 rods.

Also at the same time another lot about ½ a mile further up said river. Beginning at a stake and heap of stones 22 rods S45°E from a large [elm?] tree on the line bounding the east side of the lands of the Heirs of one Donald McLeod thence N12°W 10 rods to the River thence the various courses of the Middle River up stream until it meets the boundary line of the said Donald’s heirs thence N40°W to the place of beginning.”

Page 27:

“Anthony W. Smith continued 1870”

Survey map includes names of Robert Campbell, Sydney Smith, James Smith, Anthony W. Smith, and Robert Smith, as well as the road from Pictou and the West River, followed by “Ebenezer McLeod Surveyor

Page 28:

“6th April 1870 Surveyed for Mrs. James Cameron Mount Thom for appraisement.”

Names on survey map include George Maxwell, Charles Fraser, heirs of Duncan Maxwell, Mrs. James Cameron, James Reid, Alexander Cameron, and the heirs of Charles McKenzie, and includes the post road to Truro.

“October 1866 Surveyed for Robert Heughan”

Survey map includes the names of John McRae, Robert Heughan, and James [Tarish?].

Page 29:

26 April 1870 Surveyed for Hector McKenzie Gairloch.”

The first survey map on the page contains the name of Hector McKenzie, as well as the disputed land, and the road from West River to Gairloch.

“Surveyed 10 February 1871”

Map includes properties of Alexander Steel (sold to Hugh McKay), Currie and Waugh, John [Slealy?] and James Irving.

Page 30:

“15th December 1870
Surveyed for John McKenzie and his brothers Duncan, Hector and Murdock.” Includes map followed by “E. McLeod, Surveyor

“28th April 1871 Surveyed for George McKay”

Survey map includes a brook, and the names of George McKenzie, George McKay, and Neil McKenzie.

Page 31:

“28th March 1871 Surveyed for James Matheson Rodgers Hill”

The survey map includes the names of Duncan McLean, James Matheson, John McLean, and R. McKay, as well as the road to Pictou and two brooks.

Page 32:

“15th April year 1871 Surveyed for James Creichton [left map]. 1871 August 2nd Surveyed for Hugh McKenzie [right map].”

Survey maps include the names of D. McPherson, the heirs of Hugh McDonald, D. Miller, John Sinclair, George McKenzie, Andrew McKenzie, and Hugh McKenzie, as well of the roads to Mill Brook, Gairloch, and the West River, along with the West River and the signature of Ebenezer McLeod.

Page 33:

“13th June 1871 Surveyed for W.P. Crocket.”

The survey map includes the names of Ezekiel Barret, Andrew Horn, Donald McDonald, Robert Russel, Francis Marshal, Charles Wilson, John Munroe, and William P. Crocket, as well as the roads from Westville to Middle River, and from Westville to John Munro’s land.

Page 34:

“Surveyed for R. Anderson 21 December 1871.”

The survey map includes James Anderson’s land, as well as Robert Anderson’s piece and the rail roads. The penciled in sentence on the bottom of map provides a correction for the measured line.

Page 35:

“Surveyed for John and Donald McKay 28th April 1873.”

The survey map includes the names of Angus Bailey, Donald Bailey, John McKay, Donald McKay, and Alexander Fraser.

Page 36:

“Surveyed for Leon Archibald 6 June 1873”

Survey map includes names of J. McG Fraser, R.G. Fraser, John Douglas, and David M. Archibald, and the old road over Green Hill, post road to new Glasgow, the road from Alma to Loch Broom, and a brook, followed by Ebenezer McLeod’s signature.

Page 37:

“3rd April 1874 Surveyed for Murdock and William McKenzie, Gairloch.”

Survey map contains names of William and Murdock McKenzie.

“April 5th 1874 Surveyed for John Hart West River”

Survey map includes names of Ezekiel Barret and Archibald Hart, as well as a brook and roads.

Page 38:

“22 April 1874 Surveyed for John McKenzie Green Hill.

Survey map includes parcel of land sold by John McKenzie to L. Miller Esq.

“April 9th, 1874 Surveyed for Roderick McKenzie Mount Pleasant.”

Survey map shows Roderick McKenzie’s land.

Page 39:

Back of journal cover includes some rough pencil notes, including the name of Robert McKenzie.

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Part of the MacLeod Papers Collection containing the files of Ebenezer McLeod of West River, a Hector descendant and surveyor, and his son Daniel. The papers, which are from the 19th and 20th centuries, were saved by Ebenezer’s great-great-grandson Medford MacLeod, also of West River, NS.

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