Description School Register, Greenvale, 1905

Name of pupil and the name and address of their parent or guardian.

  1. Daniel William Stewart, Mr Robert Stewart, Greenvale
  2. Alice Mary Stewart, Mr Daniel A Stewart, Greenvale
  3. John Peter Stewart, Mr Daniel A Stewart Greenvale
  4. Alexander Duncan Stewart, Mr Daniel A Stewart, Greenvale
  5. Helen Bell McIntosh, Mr Daniel A McIntosh, Greenvale
  6. Finlay James McIntosh, Mr Daniel A McIntosh, Greenvale
  7. George, Spencer McIntosh, Mr John D McIntosh, Greenvale
  8. Alexander Charles Fraser, Mr ArchibaldFraser, Greenvale
  9. Willie Hugh Fraser, Mr Archibald Fraser, Greenvale
  10. Irene Mana Webster, Mr David Webster, Greenvale
  11. Ida Mabel Webster, Mr David Webster, Greenvale
  12. Donald, Frederick Webster, Mr Daniel Webster, Greenvale


Alternate Details

Teacher: Jessie McGillivray

Trustees and Secretary:

Mr Daniel A Stewart, Mr John D McIntosh, Mr Archibald Fraser, Daniel A McIntosh

Other Visitors:

Miss Annie J Stewart, Miss Annie McIntosh, Miss Reva J Stewart, Miss Joanna Fraser, Mr Daniel McIntosh, Mr Arthur McIntosh, Mr Hugh McDonald, Mrs Dan Stewart, Mrs Archie Fraser, Mrs J D McIntosh, Mrs D A McIntosh, Mrs David Webster, Mr David Webster, Mr W D McDonald, Mr Hugh McDonald, Mrs Annie Stewart, Mr Alex McDonald, Joanna M Fraser, Mr Laughlain McFarlane, Mrs Arthur McIntosh

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