Description School Register, Piedmont Valley, 1912

List of pupils and the name of their parent or guardian. All addresses are Piedmont.

  1. Daniel Hebbert Campbell Robertson, Mr Robert Roberston
  2. William Harold Robertson, Mr Robert Robertson
  3. James William Robertson, Mr Alexander Roberston
  4. Lawrence William McIntosh, Mr John McIntosh
  5. Alongo Paton MacMillan, Mr D W McMillan
  6. Arnold Stewart McDonald, Mr John McDonald
  7. Hughena Catherine McMillan, Mr D W McMillan
  8. Jean Luella Arbuckle, Mr John McDonald
  9. Mary John Ann Robertson, Mr Alexander Robertson
  10. J  Bell Napier, Mr Leopold Napier
  11. Charles William McIntosh, Mr T R McIntosh
  12. Robert William Auld, Mr W. T Auld
  13. Francis Isabel McIntosh, Mr T R McIntosh
  14. Hughena Louise McIntosh, Mr T R McIntosh
  15. Elizabeth Ellen McIntosh, Mr T R McIntosh
  16. Annie May Napier, Mr Leopold Napier
  17. Janet Annie McMillan, Mr D W McMillan
  18. Christina May McIntosh, Mr T R McIntosh
  19. Alice Ross McMillan, Mr D W McMillan

Teacher:  Ellen MacKay

Other Visitors 

Joe McNeil, Anna McIntosh, Margaret D MacDonald, Ethel M McDonald, James W Green, Donald Ross, C E McDougall, S J McDonald, K M Haggart, Mrs D W McMillan, Mrs Duncan Robertson, Mrs J A McDonald, Mr J McDonald, Miss A Robertson, Miss W Green, Mrs J D Cuming, Lawrence Cuming, Mrs C A Cumings

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