Description School Register, Cross Roads, 1916

Pupils and the names and adress of their parents or guardian.

  1. Ella Margaret MacKenzie, Mr. William Murray
  2. Donalda Jean MacKenzie, Mr. William Murray
  3. Margaret Jean Creighton, Mr. Alfred Creighton
  4. Anna Mary Creighton, Mr. Alfred Creighton
  5. Blanche Elva MacQuarrie, Mrs. James A. MacQuarrie
  6. Clarice Murray Patterson, Mr. Smith Patterson
  7. Mary Elizabeth Patterson, Mr. Smith Patterson
  8. Anna Isabel Robley, Mr. Isaac Robley
  9. Mary Barbara Fraser, Mr. J. W. Fraser
  10. Luella Catherine Fraser, Mr. J. W. Fraser
  11. James Milton Fraser, Mr. J. W. Fraser
  12. Alexander MacLeod Fraser, Mr. J. W. Fraser
  13. George Alvin MacKean, Mr. W. S. MacKean
  14. John William Stewart, Mr. John Stewart
  15. Katherine MacKay Stewart, Mr. John Stewart
  16. David Elmer Patterson, Mr. Smith Patterson
  17. Marvin Fraser Creighton, Mr. Alfred Creighton
  18. Fulton Wear MacKean, Mr. William S. MacKean
  19. Laurence Gordon Stewart, Mr. Laurence Stewart
  20. Magaret Catherine Cottar, Mr. John Cottar
  21. Georgina Grey Fraser, Mr. Earl Fraser
  22. Lester Warren Fraser, Mr. Earl Fraser

Teacher:  Irene MacLellan, Scotsburn

Records also contain birthdate of pupils and "local nature observations"

Record of Visitation

E. L. Armstrong, Thomas D. Murray, Margaret Cotter, Florrie Young, Julia Rutherford, George Harold Robley, Gladys D. McKean, Russell MacKenzie, Margaret I. Henderson, Mary Rae, Lester McCully, Jim Rae, Edna MacKean, Alfred C--dis*, William F. M'Lennan, D. McLennan, - ---dis*, -- --McIndoo*, Mrs. L. Stewart, Isabel Stewart

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