Description School Register, Cross Roads 1896

Names of students and the name and address of their parent or guardian.

  1. Hannah Mabel McLeod, Mr. J. C. McLeod, Rogers Hill
  2. Robert Stewart, Mr. Robert Stewart, Rogers Hill
  3. John James, McLeod, Mr. J. C. McLeod, Rogers Hill
  4. Ira Stewart McLeod, Mr. J. C. McLeod, Rogers Hill
  5. Ethelberta McConnell, Mr. Peter McConnell
  6. Lena Thompson Rae, Miss M. B. Rae, Scotsburn Station
  7. Albert Silas McLellan, Mr. J. D. McLellan, R. Hill
  8. Mabel May Robley,  Mr. Isaac Robley, Durham
  9. Walter Kennedy Ross, Mr. William Ross, R. Hill
  10. Robert William Guy, Mr. Neil Matheson, S. Station
  11. Annie Henderson, Mr. Robert Patterson, Durham
  12. Arthur Hubley, Mr. Robert Patterson, Durham
  13. Alhson McKean, Mr. Watson McKean, R. H. Centre
  14. Letitia May McKay, Mr. D. M. McKay, H. Hill
  15. Francis Anna Murray, Mr. John Murray, Meadowville
  16. John Fraser Ross, Mr. William Ross, R. Hill
  17. John Alexander McLean, Mr. John McLean, S. Station
  18. Mary Ethel Cotter, Mr. John Cotter, R. Hill
  19. Herbert Morris, Mr. Robert Patterson, Durham
  20. Minnie Jane McLean, Robert McLean, R. Hill

Teacher:  Lina MacKenzie

Also includes Record of Visitation and local nature observations.

File number: SRCR1896
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