Description Indenture, McKenzie, Green Hill, 1839

Quit Claim, Donald McKenzie to Kenneth McKenzie, 30th March 1839.


This Indenture made this thirtieth day of March in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty Nine, Between Donald McKenzie of the Greenhill in the County of Pictou and Province of Nova Scotia, Yeoman, of the one part, and Kenneth McKenzie, his Brothers, of the Place County and Province aforesaid of the other part - Witnesseth-

That the said Donald McKenzie, for, and in consideration of the Sum of three pounds Lawful Money of Nova Scotia, to him in hand Well and truly paid by the said Kenneth McKenzie the Receipt where of it hereby acknowledged, Hath Granted Bargained Sold Remised and forever quited Claim, and By these presents Doth Grant Bargain Sell Remise and for ever quit Claim Unto the said Kenneth McKenzie his Heirs and assigns.  All that Certain Lot price or parcel of Land Situate Lying and being on the Green Hill aforesaid (being the North half of a Lot of Land owned by Angus McKenzie their Father at his decease) abutted and Bounded as follows, that is to say, Beginning on the Old Philadelphia Line, at the angle formed on the East side by the South side line of Land lately owned by Robert Stewart, thence South Seventytwo and one fourth degrees East Twenty chains on said line or until it meets Finlay M'Donald's Lands, thence South eight degrees West ten chains to Brown Ash Corner, thence on said McDonalds South side line South Seventy two and one fourth degrees East fifty chains to main road, thence North eight degrees east ten chains, thence from road on William Matheson's South line South Seventytwo and a fourth degree East fifteen chains twenty links to a Rock Maple tree marked as a Corner to these premises, thence South Six and three fourth degrees West on Kenneth Frasers West line twenty three chains thirty nine links to a stake and stones four feet to the South east of a small fir tree, thence North seventytwo and a fourth degrees West 


Sixteen Chains fifty links to a high road, thence South nine degrees West four chains twentyfive links, thence North sixtynine and one fourth degrees West close past apple tree in face of hill to east side of drane (& on north side of spring) four chains, thence South thirteen and threefourth degrees West one chaind, thence North seventytwo and one fourth degrees West twentytwo chains and twentyfive links to Hemlock corner, thence North three and three fourth degrees east Eleven chains and sixtyfour links to stake, thence, North seventytwo and one fourth degrees West twentytwo chains and twenty five links to hemlock corner, thence North three and three fourth degrees East four chains and eightwo links to spruce corner, thence North seventytwo and one fourth degrees West eighteen chains seventyfive links to Old Philadelphia Line, thence North four degrees east to the place of Beginning, (Course all by magnet) Containing One Hundred and twentythree acres more or less - Together with all and singular the House, out houses, Buildings and improvements, Woods, ways, Water, Water Courses, Rents, Issues*, and Profits there belonging or ina any wise appertaining unto the said Kenneth McKenzie his Heirs and assigns for ever. - Never the less the said Donald McKenzie still reserving unto himself his Heirs and Assigns the Privilege of Cutting and Halling away whatever hardwood he may need for firewood for his own use yearly and every year, (this privilege being free to each party on each Lot) while any firewood remains on the East side of a North Course from the Northeast corner of a Lot of Land owned by one J. Ellet (and originally belonging to this block,) to Finlay McDonalds land. - Also the said Donald McKenzie and Kenneth McKenzie are to have an equal share fo the fruit which may grow yearly on the fruit trees now existing during the term of years the present tree may yield fruit. - And the said Donald McKenzie for himself his Heirs Executors Administratiors and Assigns Doth hereby Grant remise and forever quit Claim to the Afore described premises with the appertainences, - Expecting the said Reservations.  To Have And to Hold the said Lot piece or parcel of Land and premises with the appertain, expecting the said reservations, Unto the said Kenneth 

(written along right side of this page) The words interline in the twenty first line of this page viz (for his own use) were written before signing this Instrument



McKenzie His Heirs, Executors, Administrators and assigns to his and their proper use benefit and behoof forever, in Witness whereof the said Donald McKenzie and Mary his wife (In token of her relinquishment of Dower, in, to, or upon the said premises) hath hereunto their Hands and Seals Subscribed and set the day and year first above and before writen

Signed Sealed and Delivered in presence of us }

 £3 ,-,- Received on the day of the date of the foregoing Indenture from the therein named Kenneth McKenzie the Sum of Three pounds being the full consideration money therein mentioned. -


On the     day of    In the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty nine, Personally came and appeared before me, the Subscriber, one of her Majesty's Justices of the peace for the County of Pictou Mrs. Mary McKenzie, Wife of Donald McKenzie (being the parties in the foregoing Indenture) and being by me Examined separate and apart from her said Husband, Declared, and Acknowledged, that she freely and voluntarily, and without force or compulsion from her said Husband Signed Sealed and executed the said Indenture, as and for the purposed therein mentioned. 


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