Description Lighthouse of Isla del Farallon and Bajo de la Panela (James Kitchen Receipt)

This is a receipt issued to James Kitchen upon arriving at the port. Gathering from what it says (in Spanish, and roughly translated below in English), it was most likely a taxation imposed on him in order to help pay for the construction costs for the lighthouse in Montevideo (capital of Uruguay). 

In Spanish:


Latitud S.34°29 Long 0.57° 57’ del Merid de Greenwich


El Capitan de la bca (barca) Ying (?) James Kitchen de 499 toneladas de registio, ha satisfecho por el impuesto de 4 centimos oro por toneladas Diez y nueve pesos 96 centimos que le corresponde por la lux de estos Faros.


Montevideo Abril 10, 1877

$19.96 centimos



Lux blanca fija, 25m 50 centimos de elevacion sobre el nivel del mer visible a trece millas.”

Alternate Details

In English:


"Lighthouses of Farallon Island and the Bajo de la Panela

Latitude S.34The Captain of the barque Ying (?), James Kitchen, which is registered to haul 499 toneladas, has satisfied the tax of 4 centimos (cents) of gold by ton, [for a total of] nineteen pesos (dollars) and 96 centimos (cents), as it correspondes with the tax for these lighthouses.


$19.96 centimos


Fixed luxury tax for 25m 50 centimos for this area and the thirteen visible nautical miles of ocean surrounding it."


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