Description Will of Donald Fraser of Bridgeville, Pictou Co., NS


Estate of Donald Fraser, late of Bridgeville, Farmer, deceased, Testate

Certified Copy of Will for the Registrar of Deeds

(Stamp is blank and crossed out as it was put on upside down)

Know all men that I Donald Fraser of Bridgeville East River Pictou County do make this my last Will and Testament, that is to say,

I leave with my beloved wife my house and furniture with ten acres of land about the house as long as she lives, after her demise it is to go to my two youngest daughters Maggie Bell and Mary Ann Fraser and my youngest son John Simon Fraser to be equally divided amongst them or the proceeds therefrom.

Signed  Donald Fraser      L.S.

New Glasgow

July 11th  1884

I appoint Duncan Cameron of Bridgeville & Joseph McKay Springville to be my  Administrators.

igned  Donald Fraser     


Signed       ----  John Ross

   "               ---- Daniel R. McKay

County of Pictou Sf

In the Court of Probate of Wills

I do hereby certify that the foregoing instrument consisting of half a page, is an exact and literal copy of the last Will and Testament of Donald Fraser late of Bridgeville  in the County of Pictou, Farmer, deceased, Testate, which has been duly filed and admitted to Probate in accordance with the practice of the Court.

Given under my hand at Pictou this 11th day of February A.D. 1893.

John H. Lane  Registrar

To the Registrar of Deeds for the County of Pictou

Stamp - Province of Nova Scotia, Registrar of Deeds Office, County of Pictou,  24th Feby 1893  I certify that the within instrument was duly registered at 2:45 pm  of the above day in Wills Book 2, pages 271 on the certificate of John H. Lane Rgr.

John Yorston  Registrar


File Location

Vault - Registry of Deeds Shelf


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