Description Photograph: Nancy Ann (McRae) Fraser, daughter of Alexander McRae and widow of James Fraser, of Toney River

This is most likely a photograph of Nancy Ann (McRae) Fraserc circa 1890 (age 68). The photo was found in the house of my grandmother, Margaret Matilda (Fraser) Bailey, who was born in Stellarton in 1894. Her parents were Simon Roderick and Jessie Ann (MacKenzie) Fraser of Toney River. The family emigrated to Aberdeen, Washington, U.S.A. from Stellarton in July 1898. 

The woman's nose in this photograph is very similar to that of her sons' Alexander and Simon Roderick Fraser in photographs uploaded to this database. Her hair style (parted down the middle) is very simiar to her sisters, Margaret and Catherine, in photographs uploaded to this database, and her "smile" (or lack of one) is similar to all three of her sisters, Margaret, Catherine and Christina, in photographs uploaded to this database. These resemblances are the basis for the identification of this photograph. There is not 100% certainty in this determination. 

Nancy Ann (McRae) was the eldest child of Alexander and Isabella (Fraser) McRae. Her siblings included: James, John and Roderick McRae; and Margaret (McRae) Gray, Catherine (McRae) McQuarrie, and Christina (McRae) MacMillan

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