Description Robert Lachlan

Extract Entry of Birth, under the 37th Sect. of 17 and 18 Vict. Cap. 80. 

No.: 39

Name and Surname.: Robert Lachlan

When and Where Born.: 1875 March Ninth, 8h 15m A.M., Southhook Rows, Parish of Dreghorn

Sex.: M

Name, Surname, and Rank or Profession of Father.: James Lachlan, Coal Miner

Name, and Maiden Surname of Mother.: Janet Lachlan, M.S. Reid

Date and Place of Marriage.: 1874, January 23rd, Dalry

Signature and Qualification of Informant, and Residence, is out of the House in which the Birth occurred.: (Signed) James Lachlan, Father

When and Where Registered, and Signature of Registrar.: 1875. March 12th At Dreghorn (Signed) Ninian Auld, Registrar.

Extracted from the Register Book of Births, for the Parish of Dreghorn, in the County of Ayr, this 12th day of March 1875.} Ninian Auld, Registrar.

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