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Description Baptisms by Rev James McGregor 1786-1790

List of Baptisms in Pictou County by Rev James McGregor DD

The name of the father or mother is given, followed by the name of child


Alexander Kennedy, Ann

David Patterson, James

Colin MacKenzie, Katherine

Colin Douglas, Mary

Alex Fraser Jnr, Agnes, Middle River

James McCabe, James

John Patterson Jnr, Robert

Robert Stewart, David

Robert Brydone, Mary

John Fraser, James, Upper Settlement

James MacDonald, Marion

Patrick Grant, William

James Fraser, Janet

Kenneth Forbes, Alexander

James MacDonald, George, West River

Alexander Ross, Marion

Alexander Dunbar, Emelia

John Sutherland, John

Gregor MacGregor, Alexander

Joseph MacDonald, Christian

John Forbes, Marion

Hugh Fraser, Ann, West River

Donald MacKay, Roderick



Alexander Cameron, Margaret

William Fraser, Margaret

William Smith, Marion

Robert Chisholm, John, Susanna, Barbara

John McCabe, William

William McLellan, Donald

Alexander MacLean, Hugh

James Reid, James

Neil MacCallum, Donald

Alexander Chisholm, Alexander

John Robertson, Robert

Robert Dunbar, Isabet

Charles Fraser, John

Isaac, an adult Negro

Patrick Fraser, Margaret

John Fraser, Mary, Upper Settlement

James Chisholm, Angus

Thomas Fraser, Jean

Colin MacKenzie, Murchy

Simon Fraser, Elizabeth

Donald Ross, Isabel

Kenneth Fraser, Donald

William MacKenzie, William

Alexander MacQueen, Donald

John Small, James

Donald Chisholm, John

Robert Smith, Nancy

James Rogers, Nancy

Mrs MacEwan, John

John MacLellan, Margaret

Joseph Roy, Jean

John Paterson Sen, Walter

Robert Brydone, John

Donald MacDonald, John



John Simpson, Ann

John Paterson Jnr, John

Robert Stewart, Daniel

Samuel Cameron, John

James Carmichael, James

Alex Fraser Jnr, Alexander, Middle River

James MacDonald, Margaret, Upper Settlement

Archibald Chisholm, Isabel

Gregor McGregor, Janet

Aplin Grant, Katherine

William MacKenzie Jnr, Elizabeth

Donald Fraser, Margaret

James MacCabe, Angus

John Fraser, Sophia, Fishers Grant

William Gordon, James

John MacKenzie, Barbara

James Fraser, Simon

John Crockett, David

Walter Murray, Peggy

Donald MacGillivray, Donald, John

Alex MacLean, Alexander

John MacLellan, Margaret

Donald MacKay Jnr, William

James Cameron, John

David Patterson, Elizabeth

Donald MacKay Snr, James

John McDougal, Samuel

James Robertson, John

David MacLean, Alexander



James Dunn, Elizabeth

Simon Fraser, Janet

Andrew Anderson, Elizabeth

John Forbes, Donald

Alexander MacKenzie, Elizabeth

Peter Fraser, Donald

George MacConnell, Elizabeth

Peter Cruickshank, Elizabeth

William McLellan, John

Alexander Dunbar, James

John Fraser, Margaret

Alexander Falconer, John

John Patterson Jnr, Samuel

John Robertson, Margaret

Joseph MacDonald, Alexander

Donald MacDonald, Duncan

John Paterson Sen, Abraham

Duncan Fraser, William, Marcella

John Rogers, William

Robert Sturgeon, Peggy

Joseph Ritchie, Anthony

William MacLeod, William

William Smith, Sarah

Donald Ross, Alexander

John Roger, David

Alexander Cameron, John, Upper Settlement

John Small, Mary

John Sutherland, William

William Munsie, Sarah

Gregor MacGregor, Malcolm

William MacKenzie Sen, Donald

Charles Fraser, Donald

Kenneth Fraser, Anne

Harry Munro, Isabel

Robert Smith, William

James Reid, John

Mrs Brownfield, Margaret

Hector MacLean, Alexander

Robert Brydone, Anne

Robert Dunbar, William



John MacKenzie, Magdalene

Angus MacKenzie, Donald

Archibald Chisholm, Margaret

William Fraser, Archibald

James McCabe, Thomas

James Cameron, Alexander

David MacLean, Margaret

John MacCabe, Helena

John Fraser, Janet, Fishers Grant

Alexander Fraser, Mary

Donald MacGillivary, William

Hugh Fraser, Simon, Middle River

James MacDonald, Donald, Upper Settlement

Alexander MacQueen

William MacKenzie, William

Archibald Grey, Janet

William Forbes, Margaret

Alexander Cameron, Janet

James MacPherson, William

Donald MacKay, Samuel

Thomas Fraser Jnr, Lydia

Donald MacKay Snr, Janet

Alexander MacKay, Hugh

Donald Chisholm, Katherine

Samuel Cameron, Betty

William Porter, James

James Chisholm, Thomas

Donald Ross, Janet

John MacGill, Margaret

Donald Fraser, Katherine

Joseph Roy, a son

John MacLellan, Christian

Robert Gerard, James

Davud Ballentine, Jean

James Fraser, Donald

Alexander MacLean, Katherine


 * this list has been copied from a previously transcribed copy


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