Description Pictou County Road Index 1847 to 1868

McPhee, Alex, Barneys River, 20

Patterson, R's Heirs, Merigomish, 46

McPherson, George, East River, 58

McPhee, John, Heirs of, East River, 60

McPhee, James, East River, 60

McPhirson, William, McLennans Mountain, 70

Porter, James, Middle River, 72, 82

Porter, William, Middle River, 82

Paterick, Andrew, Middle River, 82

McPherson, Donald, McLellans Mountain, 120

Pushee, Joseph, Marshy Hope, 150

McPherson, Robert, Fox Brook, 176

Purves, Heirs of James, Pictou, 182

Patriguin, George, River John, 188

McPhee, John, Cape John, 198

Patterson, Abraham, Pictou, 218

Patterson, James, Pictou, 218

McPherson, Donald, McLellans Brook, 222

McPherson, William, Sutherlands River, 236

Proudfoot, John, West River, 236

Perrin, George, River John, 244

McPherson, John, East Side Middle River, 252

Priest, Caleb, Carriboo, 262

McPhee, John, Guysboro Road, 262

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