Description Pictou County Road Registry Index 1847 to 1868

Chisholm, William & A, New Glasgow, 16

Chisholm, Margaret, New Glasgow, 16

Cameron, Henry, Middle River, 16

Cameron, John, St. Mary's, 18

Christie, James, West Branch East River, 22

Crichton, James, West River, 22

Campbell, Donald, St. Mary's, 24

Campbell, Robert, Mt Dalhousie, 28

Clark, David, Scotch Hill, 28

Collie, John, Middle River, 30

Cameron, Donald, East Branch East River, 30

Chisholm, Alex, Barneys River, 32

Chisholm, Kenneth, Barneys River, 32

Cameron, Samuel, Upper Settlement East River, 36

Cameron, James, Upper Settlement East River, 36

Campbell, Duncan, Upper Settlement West River, 38, 40

Chisholm, Hugh, Upper Settlement West River, 38

McCulloch, William, Upper Settlement West River, 40

Crichton, John, Upper Settlement West River, 40

Campbell, John, East Branch River John, 42

Chisholm, Widow, Margaret, Lyons Brook, 48

Chisholm, Alex, West Branch East River, 56

Crocket, James, West River, 56, 72

Crocket, William P, West River, 56

Crocket, Joseph S, West River, 56

Cameron, Finley, 8 Mile Brook, 58

Chisholm, Donald, East River, 60

Campbell, Alex, East River, 60

Cumings, William, Merigomish, 60

Copeland, Doulgas, Merigomish, 62

McCallum, Charles, Pictou Island, 62

Campbell, Finley, Pictou Island, 64

McCallum, Lauchlin, Pictou Island, 64

McCallum, Malcom, Pictou Island, 66

McCallum, Donald & Brothers, Pictou Island, 66

Culton, Alex, Fox Brook, 68

Culton, Anthony, Fox Brook, 68

Culton, Robert, Fox Brook, 70

Chisholm, Donald, McLennans Mountain, 70

McCarty, Timothy, Middle River, 72

Campbell, Duncan, Mt Dalhousie, 76

Campbell, William, Mt Dalhousie, 76

Cameron, Mark, Carriboo, 82

Calder, Peter, Middle River, 82

Chisholm, Hugh, West Branch East River, 84

Chisholm, Alexander, East Branch East River, 84

Chisholm, Angus, West Branch East River, 86

Cameron, Donald (J's son), East Branch East River, 86

Cooke, John, East Side East River, 86

Cooke, Thomas, East Side East River, 86

Cameron, Alexander, St Mary's, 88

Cameron, John, East Side East River, 88

Campbell, Alex, Upper Settlement West River, 92

Copeland, John Senior, Barneys River, 96

Cameron, James, St Marys, 98

Cameron, John, St Marys, 98

Campbell, John, Toney River, 102

M'Caffray, Philip, Scotch Hill, 110

Clarke, David, Scotch Hill, 112

Cameron, Dougall, 112

Cameron, Alexander,, McLellans Mt, 114

Campbell, William, West Branch River John, 114

Campbell, John, West Branch River John, 114

Costy, Alexander, Barneys River, 116

Cameron, Kenneth, French River, Merigomish, 122

M'Culloch, John, French River, Merigomish, 122

M'Culloch, Alexander, French River, Merigomish, 122

Culton, Hugh, East Side East River, 128

Campbell, Widow, Jane, Maxwelton, 128

Chisholm, Alexander, River John, 132

Cunard, Hon Samuel, West Branch River John, 136

College Grant, West Branch River John, 136

Cameron, John, Wentworth Grant, 142

Collie, John, East Branch River John, 144

Cummings, Finlay, East Branch River John, 148

Cummings, Alexander, East Branch River John, 150

Cameron, Donald, McLellans Brook, 156

Clarke, James for Alexander McLeod, Carriboo, 162

Culton, Robert, Frasers Mines, 162

Cameron, James, West Branch East River, 166

Campbell, Widow, Donald, Sutherlands River, 168


Cameron, John, East Branch East River, 142

M'Cauley, Paterick, Mt Thom, 170

M'Carter, Angus, Upper Baileys Brook, 172

M'Culloch, Peter, Alder Meadow East River, 172

M'Culloch, Alexander, Alder Meadow East River, 172

M'Culloch, James, Alder Meadow East River, 172

M'Culloch, John, Alder Meadow East River, 172

Campbell, Robert, Dalhousie, 174

Chisholm, Roderick, Cape John, 178

Cavanagh, Hugh, Cape John, 180, 188

Cameron, Angus, 2nd Division North Side River John Road, 182

Crocket, William P, Middle River, 184

M'Coll, Duncan, Cape John, 186

Cameron, John, Mt Thom, 190

Cameron, Heirs of George, Mt Thom, 190

Crocket, William J, Middle River, 192

Collie, Misses, Middle River, 194

Cumming, John, East Branch East River, 196

Cumming, James, East Branch East River, 196, 214

Campbell, Isabella, Upper Settlement West River, 198

Cumming, Duncan, Middle River, 198

M'Culloch, Donald, Mt Thom, 200

Cameron, Mrs Jane, Mt Thom, 200

Crawley, Frederick A, River John, 200

M'Culloch, Joseph, West Branch River John, 190

Cameron, Alexander, Sutherlands River, 208

Cumming, James, Pictou town, 210

Coombes, William G, Trafalgar, 214

Cameron, James, Mt Thom, 214

Campbell, Alexander, Mt Thom, 214

Copeland, William, Merigomish, 214

Campbell, Donald, Merigomish, 216

Cameron, Donald, Back Settlement East River, 222

Cooke, George, McLellans Brook, 222

Committee of Church lot West Branch River John, 224

Cameron, Daniel, East Branch East River, 228

Cameron, Hugh, Salt Springs, 230

Coventry, James, Rogers Hill, 232

M'Cara, John, Rogers Hill, 234

Cameron, Thomas, Sutherlands River, 236

Clark, Robert, Upper Barneys River, 238

Cameron, Samuels Grant, Upper Barneys River, 244

Cavanagh, Robert, Upper Barneys River, 242

Cameron, William, McLellans Mountain, 252

Cameron, Alexander, McLellans Mountain, 252

Cameron, Robert, McLellans Mountain, 252

Campbell, William, Moose River, 254

Campbell, Donald, Moose River, 254

Cameron, James, Upper Settlement West River, 254

Cameron, Daniel, Hardwood Hill, 254

Crocket, William P, East Side Middle River, 256

Campbell, Robert, Carriboo, 262

Campbell, Malcolm, Carriboo, 262

Campbell, Daniel, Carriboo, 262

M'Cabe, Anthony, Middle River, 266

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