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Description Gilbert and Molly McCulloch Family

The Family Record of The McCulloch Family

 First, Gilbert McCulloch, our great grandfather and wife Molly and three sons arrived in South Branch Upper Stewiacke, Nova Scotia about 1830.  Took up a government grant and settled there.

The three sons were named James, John and William (our grandfather).  Gilbert’s house was on the right hand side of the road going out to Charlie Wrights; the original road to Musquodoboit.

Uncle Jim’s house was on the left hand side of the road coming down towards our old home, a beautiful setting, could see all over the universe.  Uncle Jim’s wife was named Nancy, they had a family of girls. Grizzle married John or (Jock) Dickey and lived on the hill back of Jimmy Gahans, and they had a mixed family of boys and girls.   I don’t remember their names, but Nellie, the youngest went to school when I did and I think one is living in Middle Stewiacke.  However, Jock died and years after Grizzle married Robert Bonnell.

Now Uncle Jim had a girl named Margaret, also Nancy.  Margaret was married and moved out to Missouri. They thought it was a wonderful country and had Uncle Jim and Aunt Molly move out there, but they were never contented and they both died out there.

Then comes Nancy.  She married Andrew Cox of South Branch.  They had a large mixed family, but I only remember a few of them.  They were Martha, Isaac, Jim, Thompson, James McCulloch Cox lived on the old place, and his son Byeon is living there.

Now comes Uncle John, (he was a bachelor).  His little house was where the apple orchard used to be near the old mill road.  John moved his house down where we lived, and the house that is left of it is over 150 years old.  (That originally was Uncle John’s house) and the portion of the house that Hommie sold to Alen Johnston’s boy was a portion of the Pratt’s house moved down in our field below the barn.

Now comes William McCulloch, our grandfather.  He was a bugle boy in the Civil war.  He married Martha Dunlap of Middle Stewiacke.  They had two sons, our father Caleb Putnam, and a baby boy (no name) died at child birth and Dad’s mother died at the birth.  Then Grandpa married again, - Blackie, had another son Isaac Newton and his second wife died.  Our father was brought up by his Aunt Martha and Uncle William Dunlap.  Then Grandpa was married a third time.  He married Margaret Kennedy.  This wife we always called Grandma.  It seems that when Grandpa came home from the war, he was paralyzed, and I don’t remember of every seeing him only in the wheel chair.  (this paragraph was edited by DG 2017)

 ou Births & Deaths of  The McCulloch Family

Name                                     Birth                                       Death                         Age

Martha Rachel                        April 7, 1871                            July 5, 1956                 85

William Campbell                   April 27, 1873                          April 4, 1941                68

Samuel Tupper Dunlap           March 30, 18                           June 15, 1960              85

Caleb Putnam                          September 3, 1877                 February 14, 1931       52

Margaret Mary (May)            March 25, 1879                       February 27, 1954       75

John Dunlap                            December 18, 1880                May 7, 1944                64

Sylvester Holmes                    October 12, 1882                    September 12, 1939   57

Euphemia Ann                         July 23, 1885                           Still Kicking (1974)      89

Jean Carr                                 May 31, 1887                          August 31, 1963          76

Isaac Newton                           June 8, 1890                            March 10, 1981           90


Jean Carr Campbell McCulloch Feb. 14, 1845                        Jan. 12, 1892               47

Caleb Putnam McCulloch       Jan. 17, 1845                           Jan. 29, 1940               95

Our Mother and Father


Julius Speyer                                      December 24, 1878                          October 4, 1966                87



John Putnam                      1560-1662

John Putnam                      1627-1710

John Putnam                     1667-1737

Caleb Putnam                    1693-1757

Caleb Putnam                    1725-1751

William Putnam                1746-1831

William married Dolly Prescott 1748-1839.  Their daughter, Martha married John Dunlap. Martha’s dates 1780-1875.  Their daughter, Martha Rachel 1819-1847 married our great grandfather, William McCulloch.

According to information I have which came form either Aunt Phemie or Aunt Martha, Grampa McCulloch (Caleb’s) mother was Martha Rachel Dunlap and Uncle Newton (Texas) was an older stepbrother.

These are deaths taken out of the family Bible (Grampa’s)

*Janet ? Campbell died Feb. 11, 1961, Monday 9 o’clock

*Mary Campbell died Jan. 13, 1873 aged 35 years

William Campbell died June 24 age 61, 1873

Jessie Ruth Archibald died Feb. 28, 1900 (looks like 1800 but must be 1900, so she was probably born as Aunt Phemie has Feb. 14, 1845)

Jane Carr McCulloch Jan. 12, 1893 age 47

Caleb Putnam McCulloch Jan. 27, 1940, Saturday 12:30 p.m. age 95 years & 2 days

*These I think were Gramma McCulloch’s sisters that are referred to in Harvey Thompson’s version.

Just found out Jessie Ruth was a daughter of Margaret (Grandma M) sister.

This came from Vera MacLaughlin – the two attached sheets are from Phemie (my guess because of the ‘still kicking 1974’ comment).  This was likely typed up, much after the original handwritten version since it included Newt’s passing.  Dianne Geddes, 2014

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