Description The Bee, June 8, 1836

The Bee

Volume II, Pictou, N.S. Wednesday Morning, June 8, 1836, Number III

Front Page:

  • Pulisher and advertising information
  • Current prices in Pictou
  • Notice to public that Mary McDonald has left the house of her husband, Donald McDonald and not to give her credit on his account
  • Notice not to accept notes from Roderick Johnston
  • House for sale or let presently occupied by A. D. Gordon on George Street, Pictou
  • Hints to Young Tradesman - A Sketch on Life
  • Female Education

Page 18

  • Animal Life
  • Foreign affairs

Page 19

  • Foreign affairs continued and report attack on Santa Anna
  • Articles for sale via the Garland from Liverpool offered by George Smith
  • Church Music to be published by James Dawson
  • Apartment house to be sold or let on Water Street, Pictou with description, also house on Water Street presently occupied by Varnel Brown, used currently as a printing house with "a never-failing spring of water in the cellar"
  • Copies of The Complete Farmer and Rural Economist for sale
  • Notice of demands against the estate of Duncan Gordon of Middle River
  • Notice of demands against the estate of John Gordon of Scotch Hill
  • Notice of demands against the estate of Hugh Denoon of Pictou
  • Notice of demands against the estate of Robert Brown of Middle River
  • Notice of demands against the estate of Jessey Logie of Pictou
  • Edward Pattersons farm for sale
  • Thank you for your business notice by John Russell
  • Flower and clover seeds for sale by James D B Fraser

Page 20

  • Practical Observations On The State of Agriculture In Nova Scotia, And The Means Of Its Improvement
  • Excerpt from The Complete Farmer and Rural Economist re potatoes

Page 2

  • Potatoes continued
  • Eastern Stage Coach schedule and fares
  • Spruce and pine for sale
  • Notice of William McDonald of Barney's River Merigomish, trader re debt 
  • Notice re Robert Robertson
  • An Analysis of the Criminal and Penal Laws of Nova Scotia to be published once sufficient subscribers are obtained
  • Notice of demands against estate fo William Mortimer, Esquire
  • Boarding house to let lately occupied by Mrs. Johnston
  • Bookbiner wanted
  • Blanks for sale
  • Nails for sale
  • Navy Bread for sale

Page 22

  • News out of Great Britian: House of Lords; the Scotsman; the Courier

Page 23

  • News brought via the May Packet and the Cape Breton steamer
  • Law suits becoming less frequent
  • Nothing of interest in the Colonial papers
  • Texas and Florida accounts from previous week confirmed
  • Codfish abundant in the estuary of the Middle River, farmers catching them in hundreds
  • Extract from letter received from the Secretary of the British and Foreign Bible Society
  • Note of lecture given by Dr Gesner on geology
  • Notice re "An Act to divide the county of Halifax, and to regulate the Representaton thereof"
  • Travellers' Memoranda
  • Ships arrived and cleared 
  • Notice via the Captain of the William Johnson that all are well on the Brig Comer 
  • Seeds for sale
  • Colchester Hotel ad, proprietor Joseph R Dodson
  • J Geddie clock and watch-maker moved across the street and continues business
  • Schooner Grey Hound from New York arrived with tar, pitch, rosin and tobacco
  • Notice of W & J Ives moving store locations
  • Wood for sale by Ross & Primrose

Page 24

  • Poetry - Music In A Room Of Sickness by Mrs Hemans
  • Miscellany - physics, illustration, whimsy, parenting, animals as food, in door plants, definitions
  • Agents for The Bee

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