Description Farm Journal, 1946-1957

Various pages from Medford MacLeod's farm journal, kept from 1946-1957, that mention community news in the Central West River/Six Mile Brook Area.

Page 1, from 1952-1953, mentions tht R.L. White was buried on December 14, 1952. 

Page 2, from 1956, mentions that Rod Robley was buried on March 23rd, and Scott MacLeod died on March 25th. 

Page 3, from 1956, mentions that M. Grant died on July 14th.

Page 4 mentions that a cow (West River Pat), was sold to William Wilkinson of Broadway in 1953, and that Finaly Ross of Blue Mountain also bought some cows. 

Alternate Details

Part of the MacLeod Papers

File Location

Digital copies at McCulloch House


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