Description The Bee, June 1, 1836

The Bee

Volume II, Pictou, N.S. Wednesday Morning, June 1, 1836, Number II

Front page: The Bee published by James Dawson every Wednesday morning. Advertising rates.  Pictou Prices Current for fruit, vegetables, coal, fish, beef, timber, flour, coffee, eggs, butter.  Notice regarding Mary McDonald leaving her husband Donald and not to give her credit.  Notice cautioning against receiving notes from Roderick Johnston.  House for sale on George Street occupied by A D Gordon.  Lectures on Chemistry from the Lond Mechanics Institution. 

Page 10:  News from Great Britian -From the Falmouth Packet, April 16; The Morning Post; The Tithe Bill of Lord John Russell, a charge on produce; building of railroads.

Page 11:  In the House of Commons the Tithe Communtation Bill was accepted with alterations and a debate on the abolishment of flogging in the army. France - trail of Hubert, Husson, Huillery and two Chaveaus for treason and their sentences.  Discussion regarding the remains of Bonaparte.  British Rear Admiral Lord John Hay and his support of the Spanish government during their civil war.  Russian fleet preparing to cruise the Baltic Sea. Reports from Texas on the capture of General Santa Anna. Letter from Edmund P Gaines of war being over and reports doubting same. 

Page 12: Agriculture, tips on growing potatoes. Advice on when and how to send livestock to graze, preparing seeds for planting, pasturing pigs, getting rid of pests on pea plants, identifing bots in horses and remedies, chemist Lavoisier success with gardening.

Page 13: Duncan Gordon of Middle River, deceased; John Gordon of Scotch Hill, deceased; Hugh Denoon of Pictou, deceased; Robert Brown, blacksmith of Middle River, deceased; Jessey Logie of Pictou, deceased; ad for shoe blacking; Andrew Lauder property for sale in Little Harbour; seeds for sale; pre orders taken for An Analysis of the Criminal and Penal Laws; sale of items from ships Garland and Jean Dun ie, iron, salt, nets, lines, twine, anchors, etc.; Notice of start of new business by John Russell; the schooner Grey Hound has tar, pitch and rosin for sale; notice for debts owing to William McDonald of Barney's River, Merigomish to be paid; notice W & J Ives have moved locations; Eastern Stage Coach schedule, fares and restrictions posted; ad for John Geddie, clock and watchmaker; notice of dissolution of partnership of James Carmichael and John McKenzie; notice of debts owed to be paid to Robert Robertson; the premises occupied by Mr. J. Romans to be let; spruce and pine for sale; employement available for ship-wrights, joiners and labourers

Page 14: United States - The Havre from New York arrives with $350,000; the packet Sully arrived with $300,000; Santa Anna kills six Philadelphians; excerpt from the Charleston Patriot of 50 families murdered; Colonial - bills passed; ships arriving in Quebec; notices from The Bee; agricultural report for May; supreme court open in Pictou; statement re letter received from "old Rusticus"; people staying in various Pictou hotels the past week - the Royal Oak were Capt. Bradock, Lieut. Harvey, Leiut. McKenzie, Messrs Cunningham and Gray, two Misses Grays, Chief Justice Haliburton, Ingles Haliburton, Esq., and J. F. Gray, Esq.  At Mrs Davison's - Mr Redden and son, Captain Doyle and wife and child, Miss Thresher, Miss McDonald, Miss Cormier, Messrs McDonald, Barclay, Dempsey and Morris. At Lorrain's - C. W. H. Harris, C. Twining, J. R. Smith, G. N. Russel, and M. B. Almond, Esq and Lieut. Horsford.  At Harper's - Captains Newham, Ramsay and Hunter; Isobel McKenzie of West River death notice; ships arriving at port of Pictou this week - barque Harvest Home from Falmouth, schooner Jolly Tar from Halifax, brig Herron from London, schooner Lucy and schooner Mary from Magdalen Island, brig Mary Ann & Martha from New Foundland, brig Northumbrian from Liverpool, Lady Young from London, brigintine Mary from Newburyport, brig Motion from New York, schooner Emily from Bay de Chaleur, Mary Ann from Miramichi, schooner Pink from Magdalen Island, Elizabeth Dwyer from Charlottetown, and at Tatamagouche arrived ship Harmony from Liverpool, barque Kingston from Hull; ships cleared this week - schooner Lady of Boston, schooner Oracle of New York, barque Rattisan of New York, shallop Lucy of Halifax, Partridge of Arichat, brig Plutus of Boston, brig Citizen of Newburyport, Jolly Tar of Boston, brig Halifax of Connecticut, news via H. M. Sloop Champion of the wreck of the Barque Protector of Londonderry on the Magdalen Islands (vessel and cargo lost, crew saved) and the brig Sisters was also wrecked on the Magdalen Islands with the captain, mate and carpenter lost. Notice via P. E. Island Gazette of the Young Lady cleared outwards for Pictou, Charlottetown and Nova Scotia.

Page 15: Opening of the Colchester Hotel in Truro by Joseph R. Dodson; Navy Bread for sale, Ross & Primrose; farm owned by Edward Patterson for sale; stationary and books for sale just arrived by the Ann Grant from Greenock and Lady Young from London; an apartment house and single family house for sale or let both on Water Street; leather for sale or trade for oatmeal or flour; wanted - field peas, timothy seed and country flour; cordage for sale; boarding house to let; notice of supreme court case William G. Cochran vs David Rogers and William G. Cochran vs Edward Meagher; nail for sale; Mr Muter will entertain at the Masonic Hall; bookbinder wanted; bills of exchange for sale; notice to pay debts owed to the late William Mortimer, Esq; Church music to be published to be called The Harmonicon; notice to pay subscription 

Page 16: Poetry - The Cast-Away Ship; miscellany - Love of Dress, The Dutch Boor of South Africa, Curing Hams, Early Frugality, Remedy for Lock Jaw, Railroads in the United States, Singular Accident Reward of Cruelty, Flannels, Extraordinary Fact, Ballooning, Temperance, Important to the Ladies, agents for The Bee.

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