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List from the 1923 Hector Celebrations of the passengers on the Hector 


The following list of the Hector's passengers was given to The Advocate by Rev. John Murray, a retired Pictou County clergyman. Rev. Mr. Murray, who is now writing a history of Scotsburn, has done some very valuable historical research work. The original lsit of the Hector's passengers he obtained from the late Newton T. MacKay, K.C. M.P. of Sydney, Cape Breton. Mr. MacKay was a descendant of parties who came out in the Hector. He received the list from one of his ancestors, a passenger on the Hector, and it is in every way reliable and authenic: - 

Here follow the names of the 179 persons that went out in the ship Hector. John Spiers Master, from Loch Broom to Pictou River, in Nova Scotia, 8th July 1773.

Full Passengers Above 8 Years Old

Colin Douglas
Cathren MacLean
Colin MacKay
Helen Fraser
Roderick MacKay
Christ. Grant
Donald MacKay
Alexr Falconer
Alexr MacLean
John MacLellan
William MacLenan
Hugh Fraser
Magdalen MacKenzie
John MacKenzie
Donald MacDonald
Mary MacLean
Mary Forbes
Thomas Fraser
Robert Innes
Janet Munro
Donald MacKay
Robert Lyon
Donald Munro
Colin MacKenzie
Isabel MacKenzie
James Murray
Lilly Sutherland
Margaret Murray
Adam Murray
Abigal Murray
James MacDonald
James MacLeod
Christn Urquhart
Walter Murray
Christn Murray
Hugh McLeod
Christn MacKay
David MacLeod
Mary MacLeod
Alexr MacKenzie
Mary Sutherland
Margaret MacKay
Kenneth Fraser
Cath MacKay
Donald MacKenzie
Betty Sutherland
William Mathewson
Elspa MacKenzie
Finlay MacLeod
Margaret MacLean
John MacKay
Marion MacLeod
William MacLeod
Mary MacKay
Alexr. MacLeod
Elspa MacLeod
Donald Grant
David Urquhart
William MacKay
John Sutherland
John Grant

John Sutherland
Alexr. Cameron, alias MacKay
Janet Ross
Alexr Ross
Isabel MacLeod
Alexr Ross
Donald Ross
John Munro
Margaret Sym
William Ross
Archibald Chisholm
William MacKenzie
John MacDonald
Kenneth MacKitchie
Alexr MacDonald
Ann Fraser
Charles Mathewson
Donald Cameron
Mary MacDonald
Alexr Fraser
Alexr MacKenzie
Hugh Fraser
William Fraser
Ann Smith
Mrs. Fraser
Angus MacKenzie
Margaret MacKay
Donald Graham
Alexr. Ross
Mary Mathewson
Marion Ross
Wm Ross
William MacKay
Janet Fraser
Donald MacKay
William MacDonald
Ann Patterson
James MacDonald
James Grant
Alexr Grant
Hugh Fraser
Rebecca Patterson
William MacKay, piper
William MacKenzie
John MacGregor
Margaret MacKitchie
Sara Campbell
Alexr Fraser

Passengers from 2 to 8 Years Old

Margaret Donglas
Rodrick MacKay
John MacKay
Mary MacDonald
Katharine MacKenzie
George Murray
Christn Murray
Marion MacLeod
Kenneth MacKenzie
Jane MacKenzie
Alexr Fraser
Adam MacKenzie
Kenneth MacKenzie
Ann Mathewson
William MacKay
George MacKay
Kathrine MacLeod
Angus MacLeod
George MacLeod
Marion MacLeod
Alexr Cameron
Cathrin Ross
Mary Ross
James MacKitchie
Mary Cameron
Simon Fraser
Cathrin Fraser
Isabel Fraser
Walter Ross
Alexr Ross
Christian Ross
Donald Ross
James MacKay
Alexr MacKay

Andrew MacDonald
Elizabeth MacDonald
Janet MacDonald
Cathrin MacDonald
Thomas Frser
Isabel Fraser
Margaret Grant
Mary Grant
Jane Fraser
Mary Fraser

Children Under 2 Years Old

Colin Douglas, child Alexr
Colin MacKay, child Alexr
Colin MacKay, child Colin
Roderick MacKay, child Ann
Robert Innes, child Duncan
Colin MacKenzie, child Colin
James Murray, child Elizabeth
Walter Murray, child Elizabeth
Donald MacKenzie, child Elizabeth
Donald MacKenzie, child William
William Mathewson, child John
Finlay MacLeod, child Janet
Finlay MacLeod, child William
John MacKay, child Ann
Alexr MacLeod, child Donald
John Sutherland, child William
Alexr. MacDonald, child James
Alexr MacDonald, child Hugh
Donald Cameron, child John
Donald Cameron, child Hugh
Alexr. Ross, child Catherin
William MacKay, child Flora
William MacDonald, child Ann
James Grant, child Jane
Hugh Fraser, child Donald
Andrew Mains, child Andrew
George Morrison, child Hector

Full Passengers from Clyde

George MacConnel
Charles Fraser
James Campbell
John Patterson
Andrew Main
Jane Gibson
George Morrison
Janes Forbes
John Stewart

N.B. In the preceding list of passengers on board the Hector for Nova Scotia the number is 189, but there was only [179] shipt by John Ross from Loch Broom, the other 10 including a child of George Morrison, went from Clyde. The Hector sailed from Loch Broom the 10th July 1773, and arrived at Pictou, the 15th September following."

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