Description James McLellan, West River

Release from James McLellan & others to the Public for a highway passing through their lands in the West River.

Registered at Pictou Lib 12 folio 449 on the oath of John Matheson the 9th February 1829 by Hugh Denoon, Deputy Registrar

West River January 17th 1829

This is to certify

That at the request of several of the inhabitants about and especially those of Rogers Hill Herup McKean, James M’Lellan, Alexander M’Donald and John Henderson has laid out & granted a new line of road through their land leading from Rogers Hill to the West River for which they ask no compensation in any shape whatsoever but that James M’Lellan be allowed to shut up the old road after the new road is finished which he thinks the law allows being he owns the land on both sides of the old road.  To say turning off the present road at the east end of the bridge at Herup M’Keans saw mill thence easterly through said McKeans land until it comes to James M’Lellans end line and across said end line easterly thought James M’Lellans land or as new that course as the ground may answer until it comes to the line between James M’Lellan and Alexander McDonald thence winding the brow of a gentle hill in on said McDonlds land for a few rods and to come to said line between M’Lellan and McDonald thence down said line until it comes to the west river main road leading from Pictou to Halifax

The said proprietors are desirous of having the same established as a public high way as above mentioned.

In testimony, whereof they have hereunto their hands and seals

Witness John Matheson [signature]

Harop McKeand [signature]

James McLellan [signature]

Alex M’Donald [signature]

John Henderson [signature]


To the Honorable the Chief Justice & Sessions assembled the Humble Petition of

We the Subscribers in habitants of Roger hill and others have laboured under great inconvenience this number of years back for the want of a good road between Rogers hill and the west river and was always wishing to get the part herein mentioned of said road altered as it is very hilly and also rocky and will never make a good road and as the proprietors has granted the within line of road gratis we are anxious to have the same established as a public high way for we are sure it will be of essential advantage to the neighbourhood.

John McKean [signature]

Kenneth Mathison [signature]

John McLean Jr. [signature]

Rod. M’Lean [signature]

James Gerrard [signature]

Donald Stuard [signature]

Donald M’Donnald [signature]

James Matheson [signature]

James M’Leod [signature]

William M’Leod [signature]

Harop McKeand [signature]

Thomas Fraser Jr. [signature]

John McLean Snr. [signature]

Robert Fraser [signature]

Thomas Matheson [signature]

Alexr. Fraser [signature]

William Matheson [signature]

Alex Crag [signature]

John Matheson [signature]


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vault, 1b2

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