Description Sketches and Recollections of the Past Index

Index of places mentioned in Sketches and Recollections by John Oliver.

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Tags: 2017-04-20a, 2017-04-20b, Aberdeen, Albion Mines, Alma, Annan, Archibalds Mills, Ayrshire, Banbry Bay, Ireland, Barrys Mills, Battes Quarries, Wallace, Nova Scotia, Pictou County, The Beaches, Beauley, Scotland, Beaver Bank, Bell Mill, Berwickshire, Bible Hill, Bones Cove, Brookfield, Burely, California, Carabo River, Caribou River, Colchester County, Colenso, Cuney's Shop, Dartmouth, Desbares Grant, Dixon, Dumfrieshire, Durham, Earlton Hills, Elderslie, Robert Oliver, Essenside, Fish Pools, Fishers Grant, Forbes Brook, Frasers Mountain, French River, Garloch, Georgetown, Prince Edward Island, PEI, NS, Glasgow, Guys River, Halifax, Hartshornes Farm, Hawick, Pictou Harbour, Head of the Harbour, Pictou, Hopewell, Aberdeenshire, Irishtown, Lake Road, Logans Tannery, Lower Stewiacke, Magdalen Island, Maitland, Manitoba, McKenzies Store, McNuts Inn, Middle River, Mill Brook, Mount Dalhousie, Mount Thom, Musqudoboit, New Annan, New Durham, West River, Niset Spring, New Hebrides, Normandy, France, Old Cumberlands, Old Pictou Road, Oliver's Corner, Pictou Academy, PA, Plymouth, Plimouth, Point Arena, Mendocino County, Polynesia, Porto Bello, Prince Port, Pugwash, Queenstown, River John, Rogers Hill, Roxboroughshire, Sackville, Salt Lake City, Sandy Cove, Shubenacadie Canal, Shubenacadie, Shubenacadie River, Shultz Inn, Stelerton, Stellarton, Stewiacke, Surrey, Stewiacke River, Tatamagouche, Three Mile Inn, Truro, Vale, Wallace, Waugh River, West Branch, Middle River, Westville
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Source: George Allanson, John Olivers great great grandson. Transcribed and indexed by Douglas Vaisey

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