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Letter to Mr Daniel Fraser, Merchant, Halifax Nova Scotia From Ms Fraser, Port Gibson, Mississippi 6 May 1815 Postmarked St. John, June 21, 1815

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"Port Gibson, 6th May 1815


Mr. Daniel Frazer,

Halifax Nova Scotia




I yesterday recieved a letter from my father Mr. James Fraser, dated Montreal 17th March 1815, the first and only letter I recieved from him for upwards of 12 months notwithstanding I wrote him and my sister, Ann Frazer, frequently before and once since the peace, which letters however it appears they never received, my father in his letter alludes to some unfortunate circumstance but does not say what, but my own foreboding, founded on the delicacy of my sisters health, together with his not mentioning her at all in his letter, leads me to anticipate the worst; - he states that he wrote me in June [?] giving me an account of his unfortunate situation and a statement of his affairs, that he had left his property to the car and management of you and Mr. John Clarke and that you promised to write me immediately after he left Halifax  - the letter he alludes to I have never received, nor have I ever recieved ny communication from you, however the difficulties attening out intercourse during the late war may have caused our letters to miscarry, but I presume every obsticle is now removed that the mails will go by the B. Packets with the same regulatity now that they did before the war ~ he requests me to enclose my letters for him to your car, I therefore beg leave to trouble you with the enclosed which please forward to him at Montreal unless you should expect him at Halifax - he states in his letter that he will endeavour to be in Halifax by the month of July - in the mean time, it will be rightly gratifying to me to recieve your communications at all times and particularly when you can give me any information retainting (pertaining?) to my father of his health and welfare - may God preserve him this friends many many years ~

Very respectfully I am Sir

W. Mo. Rht. Lent.

Elipse (?) Frazer


Please write to me at

Port Gibson

Claiboun County

Mississippi Territory







Mr. Daniel Frazer



Nova Scotia"

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