Description School Register, Waterside, 1903

Pupils name and the name and address of their parent or guardian.

  1. Florence Anna MacKenize, John MacKenzie, Waterside
  2. Edna Florence Bowron, Robert Bowron, Waterside
  3. May Catherine Sutherland, Walter Sutherland, Waterside
  4. Mary Jane Ottar, Mrs Ottar, Waterside
  5. Isabelle Cameron, Neil Cameron, Carribou River
  6. Henry Pope McMaster, Duncan MacMaster, Waterside
  7. Archie Cameron, Neil Cameron, Carribou River
  8. George Murray Clark, Mrs Ottar, Waterside
  9. Annie Catherine Falconer, Mr Simon McKenzie, Waterside
  10. John Walter Sutherland, Walter Sutherland, Waterside
  11. Murray McKenzie, John McKenzie, Waterside
  12. Arthur Davidson, Hugh Davidson, Three Brooks
  13. Alexander Ottar, Mrs Ottar, Waterside
  14. Archibald Armit Murray, Donald Murray, Waterside

Teacher: Jessie M. Matheson

Other Visitors

Miss Barbara McDonald, Mrs Duncan McMaster, Mrs John MacKenzie, Ethel Morrison, Sadie E. McInnis, C. Edna Matheson, Christy B MacLeod, Florence M McIvor, Charles E. Bowron, Mr Duncan McMaster, Miss Jessie M McQuarrie, Miss Janet Baillie, Miss Ellen E Campbell, Mrs Walter Sutherland, Miss Maggie W. McKenzie, Miss Mena M. McKenzie, Barbara McDonald, Miss Collie MacKenzie, Miss Hazel Edna MacKenzie, Mrs. John Herritte, Mrs. John A Matheson, Miss Marg. G. Herritte, Miss Muriel G. Matheson, Mrs Jane Ottar, Mrs George Morrison, Mrs John McKenzie, Anna M. MacCabe, Frances E. Willard Sutherland, Mrs Mark Bowron, Barbara Bowron, Mrs Malcolm McDonald, Mrs John Murray, J. Robert Murray, Mattie Davidson

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