Description Sea Shore Chums

Norman Murray and Harold Grant looking after dishes.  Absent member Chas McIntosh and Gordon Brown.  Duncan McLaren was leaivng town so have his share and dues to the club.  The club then adjourned to be called toether on July 17th.

Fred Murray, Sect. Treas.

July 17th

Meeting of Sea Shore Chums in 3C class room Absent members Frank Smith, Roy Murray, Donald Fraser, Chas. MacIntosh and Gordon Brown.  The reports of the committies were then read but so few were present that it the club decided to adjourn to be called together at the will of the President.

Fred Murray, Sect. Treas. 

July 24th

Meeting of Sea Shore Chums in Y.M.C.A. Absent member Gordon Brown  Following dues were paid

Chas MacIntosh $1.00

Mr. MacDonald 50 cents

Harold Grant 50 cents

Fred Murray 50 cents

It was then decided that each boy should pay his own dishes also that the club shoudl go to camp on the 26th and the boat woudl call at 10 o clock

Total amt for meeting = $2.50

Paid for wiring to Gordon Brown 25¢

Amt left = 2.25

Total amt. 39.76 + 2.25 = 42.01

Next meeting to be on July 27th at 10.30 O clock.

Fred Murray, Sect. Treas.

Am't paid for dishes etc 4.70

Am't left 42.01 - 4.70 = 37.31

Am't received from Donald Fraser for dues and fees 47.31

August 31st

Meeting of Sea Shore Chums in 3C class room this being first meeting after camp all bills were collected and it was decided that each boy should pay $1.40 for each week at camp.

(numberous corrections)


Meeting held in 3C class room.  Absent members, G. Brown; Frank Smith and Fred Murray & Don Fraser.

Following Dues paid.

F McDonald Aug & Sept $1.00

H. Grant      "        "        1.00

Roy Murray  "        "         1.00

Harold Ripley name to be brought before club next night.

           Secys Pro-tem

Jan 15th 1919

Meeting of the Sea Shore Chums at Mr. McDonald house absent members Gordon Brown, Roy Murray and Don Fraser.  The following dues were paid

Mr McDonald 2.00

Harold Grant 2.00

Chas. McIntosh 1.50

Fred Murray for all year 6.00


Harold Ribley was rejected by the club.  A new rule was also added that the initiation fee should be $4.00 and also a monthly fee of 50¢

The matter of buying a boat was also talked about and it was decided that each member be on the lookout for a bargain of a boat with this the meeting adjourned.

Fred Murray, Sect. Treas.

March 28th, 1919

Meeting of Sea Shore Chums at Y.M.C.A.  Absent members Gordon Brown, Don Fraser, Harold Grant, Mr. MacDonald

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