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New Glasgow, Sept 28/17

The Sea-Shore Chums club held their regular monthly in the class room of the 3C's absent members Duncan McLaren, Frank Smith and Ralph Davis when the president took the chair.  After a short discussion on money matters concerning the club it was decided to pay all out-standing debts.

The following paid their monthly dues

Norman Murray

Fred Murray

Fraser McDonald

Receipt's for the evening $1.50

Club then adjourned to meet again at the will of president.

amt. on Hand $10.05

Harold Grant (Sec-Treas.)

New Glasgow, Oct 26/17

The Sea-Shore Chums met in regular monthly session in the 3C's Class room. President Chas McIntosh in the chair.  Duncan McLaren absent.  Minutes of last meeting read and approved.  The following memberships paid dues

Cash Rec'd

Chas McIntosh (Sept & Oct) 1.00

Harold Grant -    "  ''           1.00

  "         '         extra week   1.00

Ralph Davis (Sept)               .50

Fred Murray (Oct)                .50

Norman "       "                   .50

Fraser McDonald "               .50

Frank Smith (Sept)             .50

Bills paid out to Fraser McDonald $3.68

Money rec'd for good sold

Fraser McDonald  1.65

Norman Murrya     .13

Chas McIntosh      .48

Ralph Davis          .30

Money rec'd for night $7.96

  "    paid for     "            4.28

Balance on Hand   14.33

Harold C. Grant

New Glasgow, Nov 30

The meeting opened with the president in the chair.   Absent members Frank Smith.

The following dues were paid

Ralph Davis (Oct & Nov) 1.00

Duncan McLaren (" " "  ) 1.00

Fraser MacDonald           .50

Fred Murray                   .50

Norman Murray              .50

Rec'd of Oct. Minutes  Duncan McLaren for Sept .50

Total receipts $4.00

Bills due to Fraser MacDonald $7.00

Discussion followed

With this the meeting dismissed 

Am't on Hand to date $18.33

Harold Grant, Secretary

Dec 31/17

Regular monthly meeting of Sea Shore chums postponed at will of president only three members being present 

Am't on hand to date $18.33

Harold Grant, Sec. Treas.

New Glasgow, Jan/18

The Sea Shore Chums club met at the home of the president Chas. McIntosh.  Six members present H. Grant & N. Murray being absent.

The following dues were paid

Duncan McLaren (Dec) $ .50

Ralph Davis (Dec) $ .50

Fred Murray (Dec) $ .50

Chas McIntosh (Nov & Dec) 1.00

Frank Smith (Oct & Nov) 1.00

Total receipts for night $3.50

Fred Murray instructed to pay Ross' Bakery .35

Balance on hand of $20.98

meeting closed

F. McDonald (sec. protem)

Am't on hand to date $22.33

Mr McDonald - Dec .50

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