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By His Excellency The Right Honorable Lucius Bentinck, Viscount Falkland, Knight Grand Cross of the Guelphic Order, and Member of Her Majesty's Most Honorable Privy Council, Lieutenant-Governor and Commander in Chief in and over Her Majesty's Province of Nova Scotia, and its Dependencies, etc, etc, etc.

To Alexander Forrest of New Glasgow Esquire M.D.


Whereas by an act passed in the fourth year of the reign of Her present Majesty entitled an act to continue the act for the encouragement of Schools and to alter and amend the same "it is made lawful for the Governing* Lieutenant Governor or Commander in Chief for the time being by and with the advice of the Executive Council to appoint and commission in every County of this Province five or more fit and proper persons to the Commissioners of Schools therein with such powers and authorities and liable to such duties and obligation, as are contained and expressed in the acts of which the above recited act is in amendment.

Werefore reposing special trust and confidence in you the said Alexander Forest, I do by these presents by and with the advice of the Executive Council appoint and commisssion you to be one of the commissioners for the superintendance control and management of all schools (except Academies and other Schools specially provided for /established or to be established in the Western District of the County of Pictou.  Hereby giving to you all the powers and authorities belonging to such Commissioners and requiring you diligently to perform the duties appertaining to the said office agreeably to the Provisions of the aforesaid Acts and to such Rules and regulations as shall be ordained for your guidance and government by the Central Board of Education at Halifax with a view to promote greater uniformity in the system of General Education and to render more effective the several* enactments and provisions of the aforesaid Acts.

Given under my hand and Seal at Arms at Halifax this third day of August A.D. 1844 in the Eighth year of Her Majestys Reign.

By His Excellency's Command.

Rupert A George (his signature)

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