Description Will of Hugh McGillivray of Lismore, Pictou Co., NS


Will of Hugh McGillivray, deceased

Certified Copy of Will for Reg of Deeds Pictou

I Hugh McGillivray of Lismore Pictou County and Province of Nova Scotia Farmer, being of sound mind and memory do make this my last will and Testament that is to say,

I appoint and constitute my two sons Ronald and John executors to this my last Will.

I bequeath my personal property to my said son Ronald

I devise my farm to my son Ronald

I will that Ronald my said son maintain my two daughters Sally and Mary Ann during their natural lives with decent lodging food and clothing suitable to their station in life. I will that when any of my said daughters Sally or Mary Ann gets married her claim for maintenance in lodging food and clothing ceases

I also will that my son Ronald keep and maintain two milk cows and six sheep for the use and benefit of my said daughters Sally and Mary Ann with perfect privilege to them Sally and Mary Ann to seed from time to time lambs raised from those six sheep for their own use ad benefit.

I further will that my said son Ronald give two cows and six sheep as a dowry to any and each of my said two daughters Sally and Mary Ann when each or any of them is married.

I hereby utterly disallow all other wills testaments legacies and bequests heretofore by me at any time before me made so bequeathed ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and Testament this twenty first day of May 1888.

Signed X his mark Hugh McGillivray

Signed published and pronounced by Hugh McGillivray as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in presence of him and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses.

(Sigd) A McGillivray
(Sigd) Angus McDonald

Province of Nova Scotia
In the Court of Probate of Wills

I John D. McLeod Registrar of said Court do hereby certify that the foregoing paper writing is a true copy of the last Will and Testament of Hugh McGillivray late of Lismore in the County of Pictou Farmer deceased which said will was duly admitted to Probate in said Court at Pictou on the 19th. day of August AD 1911

Witness my hand at Pictou this 19th. day of August AD 1911.

John D. MacLeod Registrar

Office, County of Pictou, 13 DEC 1911 I certify that the within instrument was duly registered at 11 AM of the above day in Book 5 page 59 on the certificate of John D. MacLeod Reg

John Yorston Registrar.

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