Description Will of Margaret McDonald of Lime Rock, Pictou Co., NS


Estate of Margaret McDonald, late of Lime Rock, Spinster, deceased, Testate

Certified Copy of Will for the Registrar of Deeds

I Margaret McDonald of Lime Rock in the County of Pictou and Province of Nova Scotia, Spinster, being of good and perfect mind and memory, and knowing the uncertainty of time, do and ordain this my last Will and Testament.

After the full payment and discharge out of the Estate of which I may die possessed or entitled to, of all my just and lawful debts and obligations and the payment of my medical expenses and suitable funeral expenses according to my condition in life,

I give, devise and bequeath unto Mary Jane Brown of Lime Rock, all the real and personal property I own in the County of Pictou, or elsewhere and of which I may die possessed or entitled to, including the farm lot on which I now reside - at said Lime Rock, and the farming implements on or about the said farm, and the live stock on said farm, also all the household furniture, fixtures, furnishings of whatsoever kind, all books, papers - pictures, all moneys, or the process of any Bills, notes, or securities for money of which I may die possessed to her the said Mary Jane Brown, for her sole and absolute use.

I hereby constitute and appoint Robert Maxwell at present of Westville in the said County of Pictou, Contractor, and James W. McGill of Said Lime Rock, Farmer, executor of this my last Will and Testament.

In witness whereof I have Signed and Sealed and published and declared this Instrument as my last Will at Westville in the said County of Pictou, this nineteenth day of January in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and ninety two.

Signed X her mark Margaret McDonald     L.S.

The said Margaret McDonald at said Westville on said nineteenth day of January, Ammo Domini, 1892, Signed and Sealed this instrument, and published and declared the same as and for her last Will and we at her request and in her presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto written our names as Subscribing witnesses.

Signed      ---- James Matheson

   "       -----      John R. Hamilton

County of Pictou Sf

In the Court of Probate of Wills

I do hereby certify that the foregoing instrument consisting of one and a quarter pages, is an exact and literal copy of the last Will and Testament of Margaret McDonald, late of Lime Rock, in the County of Pictou, Spinster, deceased, Testate, which has been duly filed and admitted to Probate in accordance with the practice of the Court.

Given under my hand at Pictou, this 10th day of May A.D. 1897.

John H. Lane Registrar

To the Registrar of Deeds for the County of Pictou


Province of Nova Scotia, Registrar of Deeds

Office, County of Pictou, 13th May 1897 I certify that the within instrument was duly registered at noon of the above day in Will Book 3, pages 98 & 99 on the certificate of John H. Lane Rgr.

John Yorston Registrar


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vault - Registry of Deeds Shelf

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