Description Alexander F Douglas

River John, NS

May 1st, 1906

Dear Mr Douglas,

I was somewhat surprised to learn on my way home yesterday evening that some of your family with your consent and also that of Mrs Douglas, have manifested an intention to be immersed.  I trust, however, that the report is not true and that no such evasive course will be taken by any of your household.  Surely the splendid Presbyterian doctrines cannot e lightly shaken of.  Our ancestors found them all right to live and die in.  Should we not be satisfied with them?  We have abundant reason to believe that our Presbyterian doctrines of today are second to none of the other Churches.  Besides the Presbyterian Church is probably the most honoured by God in conveying His blessing upon mankind  Is our Church not sufficiently helpful to enable us all to live holy lives of usefulness in?  Indeed, I consider it would be very unwise on the part of anyone to go searching for better teaching and more helpfulness than our Church gives.  The ordinances and Sacraments of our Presbyterian Church are to Scriptural and venerable to be cast aside because of explanations by persons not competent to deal with them and unprepared to suggest better.  I cannot imagine how adherents of our Church and much less can I understand how members of our Church could get so far led astray as exchange ours for any other.  Especially should persons not fully satisfied with Presbyterian --- and Church --- aim to have the fullest possible instruction on them before adopting any others.  This information I have always gladly given to all anxious enquirers.  And although you have not consulted me on this matter still I hope you have made yourself acquainted with them from some reliable source.  In concluding I may say I expect to hear of only judicious and right things being done by yourself, Mrs. Douglas and your Family and that none of you made pursue any rash and unwarranted course of action and so that you may be spared regret and unpleasant experiences in the future.

As I am writing I wish to say something on the following also.  I was sorry to see the evidences of opposition to law and order that prevailed at Brule last Sabbath.  I hope you did not take any prominent part in inviting these strangers there last Sabbath.  As it appeared to me that part of the proceeding lacked a Christian spirit.  Indeed, the motive seemed to be of any unworthy character.  To have these men come under the circumstances did not seem at all right.  The peace and harmony that has hitherto prevailed in your Church in Brule and the community generally, should not be disturbed.  And more, these people who have done most for the cause of religion in your locality must not be treated with the disrespect some are inclined to treat them.  I hope at least that none of our congregation will be the cause of any disturbance.  Brule is getting enough preaching and religious helpfulness.  If anyone in the Community is not good this is not because of any lack in the quantity or quality of what is done for them.  It is only and solely, if such exists, because proper advanatage is not taken of the privilages afforded if there is a lacking.

I have the welfare of you all at heart and so exhort to let matters go on as they have been and not persist in introducing any additional services.  I cannot now and certainly will not benefit the place and if carried further can only manifest a spiteful and evil spirit.

I have written you this letter for the use of yourself and your Family only.  I hope none of you will make any rash move or do anything you may have cause to regret.  The Presbyterian Church is good enough for me and I have ample opportunity to know it in all ways and I fail to see how you or Mrs Douglas or your Family could be induced to show any sign of departing from it.  It will be a sad day for any of you should you do so.  I feel assured you will not.  With kindest regards and best wishes to yourself Mrs Douglas and Family

I remain -- J. A. Crawford. 

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