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"Thoburn Examining Board

E No. 177       December 31st, 1894

Name and address of candidate  Thomas Docharty Thorburn

Date of examination   December 31st/94

Date of Certificate    December 31st/94

Remarks   Compelency


Peter McKay

Neil McDonald

Thorburn Examining Board

E No. 178    February 1st, 1895

Names and address of candidate   Hugh Grant  Thorburn

Date of examination  February 1st, 1895

Date of certificate   February 1st/95

Remarks   Compelincy


Neil McDonald

Peter McKay"

Alternate Details

Book used in Thorburn for mine inspections between 1891 and 1900. This is just one page of several examination records, although the book itself is fragile. Both new and experienced miners in the Thorburn area between these dates are noted in the book by the examiners. 

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Original Material, Box #20

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