Description Harbor Church, Pictou, NS

John Patterson Senior - Three pounds

John Morrison  - Five pounds

Robert Pagan  -  Three pounds

James Carmichael  - Three pounds

Misters Lowdens   -  Five pounds

Edward Mortimer  - Six pounds

John Patterson Junior - Three pounds

Robert Bone - Two pounds

William  ---gens*, Cariboo- One pound

James A Harris    - Two pounds

Matthew Harris  - One pound

William Campbell   - Two pounds

David Patterson - Two pounds, five shillings

Robert Patterson - One pound

William Murdoch - One pound (shoemaker)

Nathanel McKeel - One pound

John McKay - Two pounds, ten

Hugh Denoon - Three pounds

J W Harris - One pound, ten shillings

Simon L Newcomb - One pound, ten shillings

William Fraser - One pound, five (Scotch Hill)

William Lindsay - Two pounds


Robert Ginard (his mark) - Ten shillings

James Rogers (his mark) - One pound, ten shillings

David Archibald - Ten shillings

David Rogers - One pound, ten shillings

James McCabe - Ten shillings

John Fraser (Deacon) Fishers Grant - One pound, ten shillings

P S T* Grant - One pound currency

Joseph Begg - One pound, ten shillings

Hugh Fraser (his mark) Little Island - One pound

Michael Garvine - Ten shillings

Robert Bone

Alexander Copland - Forty shillings - Two pounds

George Ives - One pound, ten shillings

John McDuegale Senior - Two pounds

William Ives, Fisher Grant - Ten shillings

John McDougall Junior - Ten shillings

John Grant, Aplines son - One pound

Black George - Ten shillings for the first six months & 1 for the year

William M'George - Two pounds

Samuel Copland - Thirty shillings


Charles Fraser - Two pounds

John McLeod, Little Island - Fifteen shillings

Alexander Macdonald - One pound (taylor)

John mac Donald - One pound, Mr. Dawsons servant

James Macpherson (his mark) - One pound

Francis Carmichael  - One pound, ten shillings

William Bannerman - Four pounds

 Alexander Grant - One pound

James Patterson - Two pound, ten shilling

William Patterson - One pound, five shilling

Nathaniel Powell - Two pounds

Tho Harris Senior - Two pounds

John Crocket - Ten shillings

Thomas Purdie* - Ten shillings

George Glennie - Ten shillings

Thomas McPherson - Ten shillings

Thomas Graham - Ten shillings

John Fraser - Ten shillings

George Powell - Fifteen shillings

John Williams - One pound, ten shilings

Donald Fraser (smith) - One pound, ten shillings


 Alex Kenedy(his mark) - Ten shillings

Robert Patterson - One pound

Thomas* Davison - Three pounds

James Wilson* - Ten shillings

James Purves - Fifteen shillings

Fourteen of the above living in Oct 1851.

(according to marks in pencil on list, the fourteen living in 1851 were: James A Harris, Nathanel McKeel, John McKay, J W Harris, David Rogers, PST Grant, George Ives, John Grant, John McLeod, John macDonald, Alexander Grant, James Patterson, Thomas McPherson and Robert Patterson)

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vault, original material, box #37

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