Description Will of James Bell of Saltsprings, Pictou Co., NS


Estate of James Bell, late of Saltsprings, Farmer deceased, Testate

Copy of Will for the Registrar of Deeds Saltsprings, Pictou Co. N.S. Oct. 22nd 1889

To whom it may concern

Know all men that I James Bell Farmer and Miller of Saltsprings in Pictou Co., N.S. being of sound mind, do hereby make my last Will and testament.

1st. I devise and bequeath to my son Andrew Preston Bell, the grist mill and saw-mill with all my milling rights and privileges, also seven acres of land beginning at the line I formerly gave Murdock MacIntosh and running along it to the South far enough to make the seven acres when you run east to Hugh Ross's line. Also one Cow.

Second, I devise and bequeath to my son Christopher Clarence bell all the rest of the old homestead and also the piece of land which formerly belonged to Widow McKay, also all my real, moveable and personal estate, except which is otherwise deposed of in this will.

Thirdly . I devise and bequeath to my wife Mary Jane Bell and my son James the following, that Preston is to give them three barrels of flour and a barrel of oatmeal and sixty lbs of sugar and eights lbs of tea, each year, and that Clarence is to give them the following, Twenty bushels of Potatoes, one hundred lbs. of beef, and the other small articles that will be needed for their living, also has firewood ready for the stove, each year. He is also to keep one cow and three sheep for them and a horse and wagon whenever they want it. I also devise and bequeath that should my wife, Mary Bell, prefer it, she is to have the big room and the bedroom off from it to live in, both rooms to be suitably furnished, and that my son James is to have the use of his own room upstairs. Also that any money found in my possession at the time of my death is to go to my wife. Also that after all my debts are paid enough is to be reserved out of my estate to erect a suitable monument for myself and wife.

I devise that my Capt. A. Rettie, Wm. McLean and John R. Bell be the executors of my estate.

Signed James Bell


Signed Fred Cunningham

Signed John A. Cairns

Witnessed by us this Twenty second day of Oct. 1889 at the house of James Bell, Saltsprings.

County of Pictou

In the Court of Probate of Wills I do hereby certify that the foregoing instrument consisting of one and a half pages, is an exact and literal copy of the last Will and Testament of James Bell late of Saltsprings, in the County of Pictou, Farmer, deceased, Testate, which has been duly filed and admitted to Probate in accordance with the practice of the Court.

Given under my hand at Pictou this fifth day of Oct. A.D. 1893. John H. Lane Registrar

To the Registrar of Deeds for the County of Pictou

Stamp - Province of Nova Scotia Registrar of Deed Office, Pictou 14th Oct 1893 I certify that the within instrument was duly registered at 2:45 pm of the above day in the registry of Wills Book No 2 pages 303-4-5 on the certificate of John H. Lane Registrar John Ferguson Rgr.

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