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(New Glasgow Enterprise)

In addition to the list of ships built in New Glasgow which we gave in our -- four weeks ago, we present -- another list, supplementary, beginning with ships built in outlying harbours and places in Pictou County.

This -- has never before been published in The Enterprise and The Enterprise is delighted to be able to publish this list, and so place on re-- another chapter of achievements and of something more done by the sturdy pioneers forfathers of Pictou County who had that 'vision' of which the wise man of old, Solomon, said "Where is no vision the people perish."  The vessels listed in the following columns were built respectively in River John, Boat Harbor, Bailey's Brook, Loch Broom, Carriboo, Toney River, Fisher's Grant and Merigomish.

To the industry, the knowledge and the historical lor of New Glasgow's local historian, Mr. Wm. D. Stewart, we are indebted for this chapter in the history of Pictou County, and which, without his intelligent and patient looking into old history and delving into old documents and papers would be lost.

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Tags: Alex McKenzie - builder, James Griffiths - Master, K. McLean - builder, D. Grant - Master, G. Smith - builder, C R Brown - Master, Benjamin Cassidy - Master, Alex Fraser - Master, George Smith - builder, Ed Smith - owner, Wm Sutherland - builder, Wm McLean - Master, John Mockler - builder, James Kitchen Jr. - builder, Isaac Parks - Master, Charles McLennan - builder, Aaron Rood - Master, D McFadyon - Master, A F Stevens - builder, W. Ross - Master, G Mullins - Master, James Kitchen - builder, John Curry - builder, W Eaton - builder, Roderick Fraser - builder, R M Blackmore - builder, R. Fraser - builder, John Crerar - builder, D Dwyer - builder, C E Henry - builder, R W Merriman - builder, Peter Crerar - builder, Thomas McDonald - builder, C Primrose - builder, C McLennan - builder, McKenzie and Lauder - builders, T McDonald - builder, J W Ryan - builder, J Beaton - Master, B L Kirkpatrick - builder, Wm Manning - builder, B L Kirkpatrick - builder, John Cameron - builder, Angus McDonald - Master, James Purvis - builder, A McDonald - builder, Wm McPhee - Master, George McKenzie - builder, Dan McDonald - builder, James Foote - builder, Finlay Campbell - Master, R S Copeland - builder, James Lamont - builder, J T Ives - builder, Peter Gannion - builder, J K Henderson - builder, W Gordon - builder, James McKenzie - builder, Kenneth McLeod - builder, Charles Miller - Master, Thomas Custance - Master, Charles Ladner - Master, James Kitchen Sr - Master, Samuel Taylor - Master, T B Taylor - builder, A McKenzie - builder, C McLennan - builder, George Heighton - builder, George M Powell - Master, John Powell - builder, Dan McKinnon - builder, J Hatton - Master, George Hatton - builder, John Ingster - Master, John Munro - builder, Charles McDonald - builder, F McKenzie - builder, J McDonald - builder, R S Copeland - builder, J R Carmichael and D Patterson - builders, David Patterson - builder, A P Miller - builder, W G and C Ives and R S Copeland - builders, Cariboo, Caribou, ships list, sloop, schooner, barque, brig, brigatine
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