Description Autograph Album, c1880

Autograph Album belonged to Annie May Thompson of Rockfield, Pictou County, Nova Scotia. 

To Annie May,When you are sitting all alone and thinking of the past, Remember that you have a friend that will forever last, and when to him your prayer asend to often think of me and pray that we may meet in heaven our loving friend to see --- Libbie R Rae

Yours etc Milton R. Young, Millsville, by request of ...

Dec 27th, 1882, Man's love is like Scotch Snuff, Take a pinch and that is enough.  Morell Macdonald

We pass the path that esch man trod, Is dim or will be dim with tears, What fame is left for future years, It rests with God, Yours etc A F McLeod

To Annie May, A little wealth, A little health, A little joy & freedom, And in the end a little friend, and little caus to need him, This is the wish of your friend, M B Rae, Millsville, Feb 18, 18--

To Annie, Rember me now, Rember me ever, Rember the times we we spent together, Your friend, Jessie B Sutherland

May 10th, To Annie, May joy and sweet peace ever around thy pathway shine, my thy friends be time, and never grieve that true fond heart of time, God Bless, the dear Minnie, 1884

Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, Yours Ever.

To Annie, I wish you health, I wish you wealth, I wish you golden stores, I wish you heaven after death, I cannot wish you more, your friend Maggie Mcintosh, Rogers Hill, feb 22th, 1883

Rockfield, May 28th, 1898, To Annie, Absense of occupation, Is not rest, A mind quite vacant, Is a mind distressed, Yours Truly, Agnes J Carson

To Dear Annie, Tis you alone i love Annie, you are a good friend of mine Dear annie you may be a lady yet, Maggie Gratto, Millville Co, 1884

To Annie, Rememberance is all I ask, And if rememberance prove to task, Forget me, Your friend, Sarah J. Young, Millsville, March 3rd, 1885

To Annie May, there are some dogs that much prefer their

To Annie, In friendships golden chain, Consider me a link, Your friend, Mary A Young, Millville, Feb 24th, 1885

To Annie, Be what you seem to be, Seem what you are, Fear God and know know others fear, Yours Truly, Agnes S Young, Millsville, Feb 24th, 1885

To Annie, When at this little verse you look, Think of me and close the book.  Your friend, Howard B Young, Millsville, March 2nd, 1885

Dec 22nd, 1883, To Annie, Man's life's a book of history, The leaves there of are days, The letters mercies closely joined, The title is God's praise.  Your loving brother, Marvin Thompson

To Annie, Remember me when far away and I will try to think of thee, Aggie S Young

To Annie, May all thy troubles flee away, As dew before the sun, And when you've nothing else to do, Just think of one for fun.  Your Cousin, Cassie A Ross, Toney River, Pictou, NS, Aug 22, 184

April 16th, 1884, If my head was light as yours and yours as light as a feather the lighest wind that ever blue would blow our heads to gether.  Maggie J Sutherland

Annie, Tis from friendship angels gather half there joys.  Your Friend, Nellie McKean, Lowell, Mass.  July 10th, 1883

Dear Annie, May piece and plenty be yor lot while you remain with in the cot, May no distress of any kind a place within your dwelling find.  your loving brother, Kenneth H Thompson, April 18th, 1888

Dear Annie, May your pathway here below Be strewn with flowers sweet and fair And when from earth you're called to go May your home be "Over There".   Your loving teacher, Janie MacPherson.  Jany 8th, 1884

Annie, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you.  Ever your friend, Eliza J Rae, Millsville 8.3.83

 Charles MLellan, John Gratteu, Geo. W. Rae

Dec. 27th, 1882, Time does not change me; What'er be my lot; My heart remains the same, Oh then forget me not.  Maggie Macdonald

 December 22nd, 1883, Dear Annie, Passing through life may we ever Friends continue as begun, And till death do part us never, May our Friendship cease to burn.  Ever your loving Friend, Mary B MacKay

 Yours Truly, F E R.  Green Hill, Sept 20th, 1888

Dear Annie, Never forget the winter of 89.  Your Friend, Allie C.

June 24th, To Annie, "Take the name of Jesus ever as a shield from every snare, If temptations round you gather, Breath that holy name in prayer".  Your loving friend, M E Fitzpatrick.

9.2.1888, Laziness is the Mother of want, as the man said when he was holding the Baby while his wife chopped wood, for the morning fire, which she always had to build, while he was still asleep.  M.B.M.  Lynn

   To Annie, May wisdom direct you, May virtue attend, May you never forget, Your namesake and friend.  Anne M Rae. 

To Annie, Now Annie May this is the day, To love and serve the Lord, May you be one of his dear lambs, And live with him above.  Robert McKay, Decr 29th, 1882

 To Annie May, When you are sitting all alone, Reflecting on the past, Remember you have still a friend, That will forever last.  Sarah Carson

Dear Annie, your were always dear to me and I hope allways will be and I hope you will live to be a blessing to your Mother Brothers and sister and when lifes joys and sorows are over I hope you will be found at gods right hand is the prayer of your Aunt Margaret

To Annie, Your Friends have wished you many good wishes and now I will express mine, that is that you may see your DEar Saviour face to face when earths joys and sorrows are past.  Your affectionate Mother.  So sun that ye may obtain.  Walk in the light. 

To Annie, Oer thee my friend, May angels bend, Oh my they path be bright, Oh may God ever be your friend, And keep you in the right.  Ever your friend, Lollie

We pass the path that each ---- , Is  ---- be dim with --, What fame is less for future years, Is rests with God!

Millsville, Oct 21st, 85.  To Annie.  May the pleasures, that attend the Christian, be yours.  Your Friend.  Jno. T. Fraser

To Annie, Mid the pleasures of life when all need an umbrella, may yours be unfelled by a handsome young fellow.  Nettie Young.  Millsville, June 3, 1883

Allie Creighton, West River, Pictou Co

To Annie, Allow me just this little spot in which to write, Forget me not. Your Brother Marivn.  March 13th, 185

To Annie, Forget me not.  Your sister Maggie.  Pictou Co. 1885




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