Description Mechanic & Farmer, 21 Dec 1842

List of Passengers

By the Halifax Coaches, - Arrived.

Thursday. - Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. Howlet, Mr. John Murray.

Saturday. - Valentine H. Nelson, Esq., Alexander Thompson, Esq.


Friday. - Mr. David Henderson, Benjamin Henney Esq., Thomas Murphy.

Monday. - Mr. Anderson

Shipping Intelligence.

The harbour is covered with ice, and the navigation closed for the season. 

ARRIVED, at the Beaches, 15th inst. -Sch'r Mary Ann Starr, Nicholson, Halifax - goods. Was in company with three schr's, (one of them the Brothers,  bound for Charlottetown.


A large Pilot Boat belonging to Miramichi with five persons on board, was driven to sea in on of the last gales.  After having been several days in a very exposed and perilous situation, the persons on board were providentially rescued by a vessel somewhere between P.E. Island and the Magdalene Islands.  The boat was nearly filled with water, and the hands were all but exhausted.   These people arrived here on foot, from the Gut of Cansau, on Monday, in a very destitute state, en route to Miramichi.

As soon as the circumstances of the case were made known, a liberal contribution was made for them here, to enable them to proceed on their journey.

The Thomas C. James, which arrived at Halifax on the 11th, reports: - Sch'r Edward & Samuel, McDaniel, of St. Mary's, was totally lost near Sydney, ont he 1st inst. - all hands drowned (7 in number,) including some passengers.

The Sch'r James Clark, Rieh, of and from St. John, N.B. for Boston, went ashore , in the gale of 30 Novr., on Rye Beach, south of Portsmouth Harbour - passengers 6 in number perished - Capt. and crew saved - vessel and cargo total loss.

The Sch'r Mary Ann Starr, laden with a general cargo, in ashore at the Beaches.  Having arrived there during a snow storm on Wednesday night, she encountered a large quantity of drift ice, and was in consequence driven ashore.  She is expected to be got of with a high tide.

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