Description Mechanic & Farmer, 7 Sept 1842


By the Halifax Coaches - Arrived

Thursday - W. H. Fowle, Esq., T. B. Levingston, Esq., Miss Bowman, Thomas Rolph Esq., Hon. D. Daly, Mrs. Solomon.

Saturday - Robert Pow, Esq., Miss Lacon, Mr. Thomas Parsons, Mr. O'Farrel.

Sunday - Henry Mignowitz, Esq. 

Tuesday - Mrs. Thule, Dr. St. Croix and servant, Master Corbet, John Ross, Esq.


Wednesday - Rev. Mr. Knowlan, P. S. Archibald, Esq; Mr. Daniel Fraser, Mr. Angus McKay, Miss McKay

Thursday - Mr. Geo. Mitchell, Mr. Gemmill.

Friday - Capt. Cobb, Mr. Henry Maylor, J. H. Peters Esq., S. Desbrisay, Esq., Miss Stewart, Mr. Watson, Mr. Finlayson, Joseph Donegana, Esq.

Monday - Rev. Mr. Lauchlin, Mrs. Conners, Mr Daniel Thom and two children, Master Boggs, Mr. Abery.

In the Unicorn,

From Quebec, - Thursday Evening - Capt. Birnie, Messrs. Gammel, Dunnigan, Finlayson, Begnale, Watson, and two Rev. Mr MacDonalds, and 8 or 10 in the Steerage.

For Quebec, - Friday - Hon. D. Daly, W. H. Fowle Esq., Miss Bowman, T. B. Levingston Esq., Dr. Rolph, Mrs. Solomon, Mrs. Lary, and two children, and a number in the steerage.

In the St. George,

From Charlottetown. - Hon. J. H. Peters. Soloman Desbrisay, Esq., P. Walker, Esq., Rev. J. C. Sinclair, Rev. John Geddie and Lady, Miss Stewart, Mr. Oxley and Lady, Messrs, Donald Beaton, Simon Nicholson John Ings, James Armstrong, and Smith McKay.

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