Description Mechanic & Farmer, 7 Sept 1842

Wednesday Morning, September 7, 1842.

We have lain aside our Editorial remarks this week, to make room for our European correspondence, and the Treaty between the American and British Governments on the Boundary Question, & c.

The CALEDONIA (s,) which arrived at Halifax, on Wednesday in 11 days, brought about 80 passengers, 10 of whom were for Halifax, and the remainder accompanied her to Boston.

The ACADIA went home in 9 1/2 days.

Is it true that the person who contracted for the building of the piers of the Ten Mile Bridge, took the precaution when entering into the contract, to specify that for any damage the piers should sustain while building, he should receive indemnification, and that to save any other person the trouble of injuring them, he did so himself, to protract the job?

Wind and wet weather have prevailed to a considerable extent during the last eight days. 

WHERE'S THE ST. GEORGE? - The St. George (s,) due on Thursday last, did not arrive (owing to rough weather) till Friday.  She left for Charlottetown on the same day, intending to return to Pictou on Saturday; she has not yet made her appearance.  Some ten or a dozen passengers, after waiting till Tuesday morning for the St. George engaged the Albion, and proceeded in her to Charlottetown. 

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