Description Mechanic & Farmer, 21 Sept 1842

List of Passengers.

In the Acadia,

For Halifax. - Miss Tobin, Miss Jane Tobin, Miss E. Tobin, Miss Nixon,  Miss Porter, Miss Morrison, Miss Wishart, Mr. S. G. W. Archibald and Lady, Rev. Archdeacon Willis, Doctor Fogo, Mr. Robert Ritchie, Mr. Joseph Bell, Mr. Edward Albro, Hon. Mr. Brown, Mr. T. S. Tobin, Mr. A, Primrose, Mr. David Rugg, Lieut. Blundell, Mr. Renney, Capt. Dennison, Mr. Bouchey, Mr. B. Davies, Mr. G. E. Morton, Mr. E. Billing, Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Friend.

For Boston. - Atty. General Odgen, Lady, Daughter, Infant, and servant, Montreal; Judge Rolland, Mr. C. Rowland, Master Rowland, and Governess, do; Mr. Freeman, Lady, Infant and Servant, Capt R. H. Barlong, Lord Wm Paulet, Hon. Mr Wyne, Mr. Noel, England; Mr. Clapp, Lady, two Daughters and Son, Mr. Lawton, Lady and Servant, Charleston, S. C.: Mr. G. Dunn. Petersburg, Vir.; Joseph Dunn, J. H Hicks, Bearer of Dispatches from the American Minister of London, Doublain, New Orleans; Mr. John Marland, Andover; Mr. Patterson, Charleston, S. C.; Mr. Higgins, of Manchester, England; Mr. J. H. Steel, Peterboro. N. H.; Mr. J. G. Greaves, New Orleans; Mr. E. Menlove, Charleston, S. C.; Mr. Jas. Cuthbertson, and Mr Wm. Benjamin, Montreal.

From Halifax for Boston - Jas. Cochran, Miss Jane King, Mr. and Mrs. Hall, John Albro, Hirman Smith, Mrs. Cunningham.

By the Halifax Coaches - Arrived.

Thursday. - Mr. J. W. Clarkston; Mrs Rattray, Lt. W. P. Crozier, Mr Wm. Byford, Mr. Geo. Penfold, Mr. Thomas Fruscott, Mr. E. Lydiard, Peter Lynch Esq., Mr. Nikerson.

Saturday. - Lt. Bier, and four friends.

Sunday. - B. Davis, Esq.

Tuesday. - Mrs. Conners, Mr. and Mrs. Brodrick.


Wednesday. - Lt. Orlebar and family.  Mr. Thompson, Mr. Alexr. Davidson, two Misses Grubb, Miss Rennie, Mr. Rennie.

Saturday. - Mr. Geo. Blackie, Mr. James Berry, Mr. James Cullen, Mr. Cole, Mr. Geo. Corbett, Mr. Adam Radcliffe.

Sunday. - Mr. P. Brown, Mr McLauchlin, Mr. Houghien, Hon. Charles Young.

Monday. - Mr. Street, B. Levingston, Esq., and Lady, Mr. Tennet.

Shipping Intelligence.


12 - Sch'r Happy Return, McRae, P E Island, 2 days - bal.

13 - Shal Rose, Fougere, Arichat, 2 days - fish; Am. Sch'r St. Pierre, Bryant, St. Peter N F 7 days - bal.

14 - Sch'r Melony, Thoms, Arichat, 1 day - fish; St George, (s) Matheson, Charlottetown, 5 hours - passengers, and mails.

16 - Schr's Ringdove, Morrison, P E Island, 2 days - bal; Swift, O'Brien, Halifax, 6 days - goods; Elizabeth, Boudrot, Tar Bary, 6 days - herring; Am. Sch'r Velocity, Stephens, St John N F 10 days - limestone; Sch'r Herculus, Lichart, Halifax, 10 days - goods.

17 - Unicorn (s) Douglas, Quebec, 60 hours - passengers and pig iron; Am brig Vandalin, Berry, Halifax, 3 days- bal; Sch'r Sally, Gitlen, Bay Fortune, 10 days - bal; Royal Adelaide, McDonald, Labrador, 4 days - fish; Mariah, Mariah, Arichat, 1 day- bal.

18 - Sch'r Sally, McDonald. P E Island, 3 days - bal; Limnit Landry, R John, 1 day - lumber

19 - Happy Return, McRae, P E Island, 1 day - bal; Shal Six Sisters, Dunnot, Arichat, 3 days - ballast.


13 - Sch'r Happy Return, McRae, P E Island - Coal.

15 - St George (s) Matheson, P E Island - passengers; Sch'r Carlton Packet, Landry, Dalhousie - coal. 

16 - Sch'r St. Pierre, Bryant - Bangor - coal; Sch'r Magdalen, McPhee, P E Island - do. 


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vault, micro film #1

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