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Form for Deeds Dated 7th. July 1885 Adam Burns Halifax to Clarence Hamilton et al Deed Consideration $ 1500 Nawsome & Leyden, Law Stationers, 46 Adelaide St. East, Toronto THIS INDENTURE made the seventh day of July in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty five. Between Adam Burns of the City and County of Halifax, Merchant and Isabella M. Burns his wife of the one Part, and Clarence Hamilton and Howard H. Hamilton both of Pictou in the County of Pictou, biscuit Manufacturers of the other part, Witnesseth, that the said Adam Burns and Isabella M. Burns for and in consideration of the sum of fifteen hundred dollars of lawful money of Canada to the said Adam Burns in hand well and truly paid by the said Clarence Hamilton and Howard H. Hamilton at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, Do and Each of them Doth grant, bargain, sell, alien, enfeoff, release, and confirm, unto the said Clarence Hamilton and Howard H. Hamilton their HEIRS and ASSIGNS, All that lot of land situate Town of Pictou and described as follows Beginning on the south side of Water Street at the Northeast corner of the lot of land formerly John Dawson's and now owned the heirs or deorses*** of the late Thomas Tanner thence easterly along Water Street thirty three feet six inches to an iron bolt thence southwesterly on a line parallel to the west line of Coleraine Street fifty six feet to the property of James Hyslop thence westerly along said James Hyslop's line thirty three feet six inches to said lot of Tanner's formerly Dawson's or Tanner's line to the place of beginning. Together with the free and uninterrupted use and privilege of a way leading from Coleraine Street of the width of seven feet and six inches along an adjoining the North line of the said James Hyslop till it meets the southerly end of the lot above described which to say shall be over and across the southern end of the lot situate between the lot above described and Coleraine Street and the, buildings, hereditaments, easements, and appurtenances to the same belonging, and the reversions, remainders, rents, issues and profit thereof, and all the estate, right, title, interest, property, claim and demand, whatever, at law and in equity of the said Adam Burns and Isabella M. Burns of, in or to the same TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said above granted and described land and premises with the appurtenances, unto, and to the use of said Clarence Hamilton and Howard H. Hamilton Heirs and Assigns forever. And the said Adam Burns for himself his Heirs, executors and administrators doth hereby covenant with the said Clarence Hamilton and Howard H. Hamilton their heirs and assigns : That he the said Adam Burns has a good, sure, perfect and indefeasable estate of inheritance in fee simple in the said land and premises and has also good, right, full power, and absolute authority, to grant and convey the same in manner and form aforesaid according to the true intent and meaning hereof. And also That the said Clarence Hamilton and Howard H. Hamilton and their Heirs and Assigns, shall and may, at all times hereafter, peaceably and quietly, hold and enjoy the said land and premises, with the appurtenances without hindrance or disturbance of, by the said Adam Burns and Isabella M. Burns or any other person or persons whomsoever lawfully claiming the same, or any part hereof. And, also, that the said Adam Burns and his heirs, the said land and premises, unto the said Clarence Hamilton and Howard H. Hamilton their Heirs and Assigns, against the lawful claims and demands of all persons shall and will WARRANT, and for ever defend. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties to these presents have hereto set their Hands and Seals the day and year first above written. Signed Adam Burns (red sealed affixed) Signed Isabella Burns (red seal affixed) Signed, Sealed and Delivered in presence of (signed) J. Ritchie Province of Nova Scotia HALIFAX, S.S. I certify, that on the seventh day of July 1885 appeared personally before me, the Subscriber, Isabella M. wife of the within named Adam Burns and having been examined by me separate and apart from her said husband, acknowledged that she freely and uncompelled by him, signed, and executed the foregoing Deed, for the uses and purposes therein written and expressed. Signed Thomas. Kitchin Barrister & Not. Pub. I certify, that Thomas Kitchin subscribing Witness in this Deed, made oath before me that the same was signed and executed in his presence by the therein, named Adam Burns and Isabella M. Burns. dated at Halifax this July A.D. 1885. Signed J. N. Ritchie barrister & Not Pub Province of Nova Scotia, Registrars Office, Pictou. 13th. July 1885 I certify that the within instrument was duly registered at 1 PM of the above day in Book 85 Pages 131 & 132. On the certificate of J. N. Ritchie Not Pub a subscribing witness thereto. John Ferguson Regr.

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