Description MacKay Births

Recordings of births of MacKay and a Campbell.


 - Sept 1800

This Holy Bible was

Mackay Soldier in Sutherlands Fen-- 

at the price of one --

and gifted to Alexander Mackay my --

Alexander McKay was born 29 March 1762

     ---                  was Born Feb 1771

and married 16 November [1780]

Memo. for the Childrens age

Uenan Mackay was Born 18 March

Jannet Mackay 11 June on a Monday at one a Clock morning 179-

Johana Mackay 1 August on a Thursday  179-

Margret Mackay 28 Nov on a Saturday 9 a Clock morning     179-

--olfey Mackay 13 January on a Sabath at half a Clock 1793

Inabel Mackay 3 Agust on a Sabath at 8 a Clock                 1800

---ny Mackay 8th March on wednesday [8] a Clock 1803

Alexander Mackay 8th June on Friday 11 a Clock after noon 1802

Jean Mackay 11th May on Wednesday 1 a Clock in the morning 18--

John Mackay 15th July on a Sabbath day 8 oClock morning   1810

Angus Mckay 22 October on wednesday 6 a Clock ---


--bell was born 9th October being Friday [crossed out]

Alexander Campbell was born on a Wednesday at 8 in Morning being the 9th of October 1817

Jennet Campbell





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