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“We here by acknowledge we have this day rented and leased from James Patterson for the term of four years from the date hereof his salt march on the west side of the Middle River of Pictou and have liberty to cut as much fencing on said land as will fence the marsh complete and we have to keep up the fence for the said term at our own expense and in consideration for the same we have to pay foresaid James Patterson two tons of well cured salt hay for each year at the and of the year or when he may call for said hay within the course of each year, and we promise to give him notice if any person [trasfoapes?] the wood part of said lot of land we are to remove from said lot of land at the expiration of said term with own property or effects without egectment or legal measures in witness we have subscribed these presents at Pictou this 16th of September, 1835

Witness Present

Samuel Patterson

George McKay


Robert McKay”

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