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Will of Christiana Ives, deceased


Certified Copy for Reg of Deeds


I Christiana Ives of Pictou in the County of Pictou Widow of William Ives late of Pictou aforesaid Merchant deceased do hereby make publish and declare this to be my last will and testament hereby revoking all  wills at by me any time heretofore made.


I appoint my son George D Ives and Frederick W Fraser Druggist of said Pictou to be the executors and trustees of this my Will 


I give devise and bequeath to Maggie Ives wife of my son Charles W Ives the bill of Sale or chattel Mortgage filed in the Registry of Deeds for Pictou County on or about the 16th day of February AD 1884 and made by the said Charles W Ives as Grantor to me as grantee, the money due me thereon, the household furniture and other property therein described or conveyed and I also give to said Maggie Ives all other my household furniture now in her possession or that of her late husband Charles W Ives


I also give devise and bequeath to said Maggie Ives all my case of Silver ware (except the tea Service herein after mentioned) now in her possession


I give and bequeath to my daughter Emma Harris my writing desk and Silver tea Service


I give and bequeath to Ocenia Ives wife of my son Arthur Ives all my household furniture now in the farm house on the south side of the West River Road wherein they reside


I give and bequeath to Christiana daughter of the said Arthur my share in the Merchant’s Bank Halifax Capital Stock now held by me


I give devise and bequeath all my real and personal estate not hereinbefore of unto my said executors and trustees in trust that they may my said executors and trustees shall see call in and convert into money the same or such part thereof as shall not consist of money and shall with and out of the previous produced by such sale calling in and Conversion and with and out of my ready money pay my funeral and Testamentary expenses and debts and shall stand possessed of the residue or remainder upon the trusts following viz to pay the following legacies


1 To pay my son William H Ives the Sum of one thousand five hundred dollars


2 To pay my son George D Ives the Sum of Six hundred dollars


3 To pay my Grandson Fred Ives son of George D Ives the sum of one hundred dollars


4 To pay Willie and Christiana Ives the children of my son Charles W Ives the Sum of fifty dollars each


5 To pay to Daniel Fraser, Lewis and Louisa children of my son Arthur Ives the Sum of fifty dollars each


6 To pay to Daniel F Harris and Christiana Harris children of my daughter Emma Harris the Sum of fifty dollars each


If any residue and monies be their remaining I will and direct that they shall be equally divided between the respective wives of my son George D Charles W and Arthur Ives and my daughter Emma Harris to each an equal share


It is also my will and hereby expressly declare and direct that the foregoing devises and bequests are respectively intended to be and shall be construed to be in full satisfaction and discharge of any debts or debt which at the time of my death may be owing by me to such respective deviser or legatees or the husband or wife of such respective deviser or legatee whether such legacy or devise shall be less or more in value or amount than the debts owning or claimed


I do will and direct that should any of the legatees under this my will or the husband or wife of such legatees after my death commence any legal proceedings against my executors or estate for the recovery of any alleged just debtedness that hereupon all legacies and bequests hereinbefore made to such legatee or the husband or wife of the person commencing such proceedings shall lapse determine and become forfeit null and void


In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand to this my will the tenth day of July


Signed               Christiana Ives         L.S.


Signed  by the within named Christiana Ives as her last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in her presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses. 


Signed          Bessie A Ross

Signed          Jno W Ross


County of Pictou S.S.


In the Court of Probate of Wills


I John D. McLeod Registrar of said Court do hereby certify that the foregoing paper writing is a correct copy of the last Will and Testament of Christiana Ives late of West River Road in the County of Pictou Widow deceased which said will was duly admitted to Probate in said Court at Pictou on the 11th day of June 1900. 


Given under my hand at Pictou aforesaid this of June 1900.


John D. MacLeod  Registrar





Office, County of Pictou,  AUG 14 1900 I certify that the within instrument was duly registered at 11 AM of the above day in Book 3, page 255 - 257  on the certificate of John D. MacLeod Reg


John Yorston  Registrar




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Vault - Registry of Deeds Shelf

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