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Estate of Robert Brown late of New Glasgow, Machinist, deceased, Testate

Copy of Will for the Registrar of Deeds

I Robert Brown of New Glasgow in the County of Pictou, and Province of Nova Scotia, Machinist, do make publish this my last Will and Testament.

First, I give devise and bequeath unto my beloved wife Hellen Brown the house in which I dwell in New Glasgow with lands attached and barn, free from encumbrances.

Second, I give devise and bequeath the Foundry, machine shop, with lands attached, and the machinery tools and stock and the business unto my sons, David Paul Harry H. in the proportion of two thirds to David Paul one third to Harry H. on condition that they pay off, in the same reflective proportions the mortgage on my property and all my debts and liabilities, except the fifty-dollars due to Harry H. which shall be paid in full, and I hereby make the said property bequeathed to my said sons subject to and liable for all debts by mortgage or otherwise.

Third, I give devise and bequeath unto my daughters Rebecca Brown and Sarah A. V. Brown my farm lot at Merigomish, containing about one hundred acres.

Fourth, I give unto my son in law John Dunn, all the farming implements left with him, and now in his possession. All the rest and residue of my Estate I give unto my said wife for her own use absolutely.

I nominate and appoint my sons David P. and Harry H. Executors of this my will.

Dated at New Glasgow, this 9th day of June A.D. 1897.

Signed Robert Brown


Signed John McGillivary

Signed Norman MacKenzie

County of Pictou

In the Court of Probate of Wills

I do hereby certify that the foregoing instrument consisting of one page, is an exact and literal copy of the last Will and Testament of Robert Brown Late of New Glasgow in the County of Pictou, Machinist, deceased, Testate, which has been duly filed and admitted to Probate in accordance with the practice of the Court.

Given under my hand at Pictou this 31st day of August A.D. 1897 John H. Lane Registrar

To the Registrar of Deeds for the County of Pictou

Stamp -Province of Nova Scotia Registrars Office Pictou 1st Nov 1897 I certify that the within instrument was duly registered at noon of the above day in the registry of Wills Book 3 page 125 on the certificate of John H. Lane Registrar

John Yorston Rgr.

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