Description "A Call to the Clansmen"



Hae ye ever heard of Pictou, fair Pictou by the Sea,

Where the Scotchman eats his parritch and taes his cup o' tea?

He aye minds the Catechism and he loves a braw, big fight

But ye must not reprimand him, for a Scotchman's always right.


Hae ye heard of the Ship Hector that sailed the stormy sea,

With a company of brave Scotchmen, the finest that could be?

A hundred and fifty years ago they landed on our shore

And thanked the Lord devoutly that their troubles all were o'er.


Ay, but they worked their hardest; ay, but they toiled and prayed;

And they taught their children wisely, and strong foundations laid

For character and finest; for strengh in brawn and brain;

A goodly heritage they left; Who follows in their train?


Come, Scotchmen, then, where'er ye be, come join right merrily

In the Hector Celebration, down in Pictou by the Sea,

Bring the wee uns and the wife, and share in all we do

To honor these brave sires of old, our kinsmen staunch and true."


-Jean Gordon Forbes

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From the program for the 150th anniversary of the Ship Hector

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