Description Will of John Fawson Harris of Pictou, NS


Estate of John Fawson Harris, late of Pictou, deceased, Testate

Certified Copy of Will for the Registrar of Deeds

This is the last Will and Testament of me, John Fawson Harris of Pictou in the County of Pictou and Province of Nova Scotia, gentleman,  made published and declared this seventh day of September A.D. 1895.

I hereby revoke and declare null and void all or any former wills or codicils to wills made by me.

I hereby give devise and bequeath to my daughter Catherine Mary, for the full term of her natural life, the house and lot in and on which I now reside in the town of Pictou aforesaid - and I hereby will and direct that my son Isaac shall at any and all times during the life of my said daughter have a home in the said house and the free use and occupation of two rooms free and uninterrupted access by my said daughter or her assigns, upon the death of my said daughter I give devise and bequeath the said house and lot to my son Isaac her heirs and assigns.

To my said son Isaac I further give devise and bequeath my lot of land situated in  the Parish of St. John in the city of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba, said lot being in Ward 15. Subdivision Lot 24 Block 1 D.G.S. lot 11SS. of the parish St. John in the said city of Winnipeg.

All the residue of my estate both real and personal I hereby give devise and bequeath to my three children Catherine Mary, Isaac, and William to be divided among them in equal shares or proportions.

I hereby nominate and appoint William Edward Maclellan of Pictou aforesaid barrister at Law and J. Sim Harris of the same place High Sheriff of the County of Pictou, executors of this my  last Will and testament.

In witness whereof I have hereto Set my hand the day and year first above written.

Signed       John Fawson Harris      L.S.

Signed  by the above named testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us, both present at the same time, who in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereto affixed our names as witnesses.

Sigd       ----  W. E. Maclellan
    "     ----  Annabel MacKenzie

County of Pictou Sf

In the Court of Probate of Wills

I do hereby certify that the foregoing instrument consisting of one & a quarter pages, is an exact and literal copy of the last Will and Testament of John Fawson Harris, late of Pictou, in the County of Pictou, gentleman,, deceased, Testate, which has been duly filed and admitted to Probate in accordance with the practice of the Court.

Given under my hand at Pictou, this 1st. day of September A.D. 1896.

John H. Lane  Registrar

To the Registrar of Deeds for the County of Pictou


Province of Nova Scotia, Registrar of Deeds
Office, County of Pictou,  5th Sept 1896  I certify that the within instrument was duly registered at 2:30 PM of the above day in Book 3, pages 67-8 on the certificate of John H. Lane Rgr.

John Yorston  Registrar


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Vault - Registry of Deeds Shelf

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